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  1. They make a Pro version that can hold FS7's and Usra mini's but it's $900 instead of $500 I have the Longer Edelkrone but now that i have this shorter one I realize i don't need a larger/longer one Most slides are about 5 to 8 seconds long in almost movies you watch unless it's a dolly move thru a hallway or something like that If you're making Full length films then yes a longer one will be better but for youtube and social media films this small on is all you need (IMO) best regards, Rick
  2. hey guys Just wanted to share a video I just produced about the new Edelkrone SliderOne V2 it is possibly the best travel slider on the market to date with the ability to carry up to 5lbs vertically I would love to hear your thought on this or any other slider that is this compact that can do all the Sliderone V2 can do best regards, Rick Edelkrone ...King of Sliders ?
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