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  1. Hi guys, I could give it a try for just two hours but the impressions are really good. Works great in low light, the videos are really legit. Only thing for me that i was used to the bMpcc and 5dmark II lcd, the lcd is small so it costs for me to focus, but i will get used. Also the grip sucks but i see they sell a handle for 24 euros, i will buy it
  2. My son is about to be born, I really wanted something now, that i can start using and understanding. Never cared about autofocus. I've worked as a focus puller.
  3. Good morning to all guys. Thank you so much for the passion in which you have helped me, your suggestions have been precious and have helped me a lot. In the end the game was between the Eos RP and the Fuji X-T3 and I decided to buy the Fuji X-T3. The offer I found for Fuji was too tempting (850 euros with one year warranty). Now I will buy a speedbooster and in the meantime I will sell the Olympus 12-60 4/3 to buy another lens later. Thanks again and as soon as I have The Fuji I will let you know my opinions. P.s. it is true that the title of my discussion is "miss my 5d", but it was referred to the 5d primarly as a dslr, and then, as a Canon. We will see if I will miss the canon look, but from the images and videos that I have seen, the fuji look seems excellent to me
  4. If i buy the Fuji... https://kamerastore.com/product/kipon-nikon-f-g-fuji-x-baveyes-07x-en/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwu8r4BRCzARIsAA21i_BZVT1_Z4QfUK18ZIg762wDJnbTLNB9Leq6i6Nsxv3ag1ShG2wJfBUaAhGmEALw_wcB this should work for my Nikons AIS lenses, right?
  5. The NX1 is good but i Wouldn't buy nx mount lenses
  6. to summarize, my possibilities at the moment are: - FUJI Xt3 used, 860 euros (i would add a speebooster priced 150 euros to use it with classic nikon lenses) - A used GH5 (some are found at 1150-1200 euros) with one year warranty - a 5d Mark IV used for 1200 euros with one year warranty - a new eos rp that costs around 1100 euros (I'd like to hear your thoughts on which is better between the Mark IV and the Rp) These are the options that I am considering. Suggestions are accepted. Thanks everyone for your help so far.
  7. there's a used Mark IV at 1150 euros, it's adding more spice to the mix because now i'm even more confused (lol). But i remember a lot of complaints about 4k video when it came out
  8. guys, i'm deciding between the xt3 and the eos rp. I think it will be one of those. Also, i'm cheking to see if i find a used 5 D Mark IV at a reasonable price (i must sell the olympus 12-60 too)
  9. what's the crop factor for the fuji ? it's 1.25 right?
  10. yes, that's why i'm thinking to buy the Fuji XT3, i found a used one with 7000 shots, 2 years warranty, at 850
  11. Thinking about the RP too... Do you guys think it's better than the Fuji XT3?
  12. Hi guys, I'm selling my blackmagic tomorrow (i hope), i'm still thinking what to buy next My budget will be at max 1400 euros, i'm really still confused on what should i buy. I thought about the G9 but as i told you before, video is really important to me and the g9 look is too sharp not that cinematic. I love the canon look and i'd love to buy the EOS R, but from what i see it needs an adapter and the price of a used EOS R is at about 1600 euros, too much. The fuji Xt3 is great but i'd basically have to buy new lenses. My main problem is the lenses i have : i have a 28mm olympus, a 12-60 mm olympus zoom (4/3 mount) and a beautiful Nikkor 50 mm 1.2 that is my favorite lens and that i used to use on my mark II with an adapter. The lenses I have point to a Micro 4/3 camera such the g9 or the GH5, but i really wanted to go full frame. As I said, i found a cheap fuji (850 used with 2 years warranty) but i basically have no lenses for the fuji, maybe the only one i could adapt is the Nikkor i guess. It's not an easy choice.
  13. Great mantra, i Will really put this in my mind. Yes that's the point. I was not into photography but I used to take some beautiful pictures with my 5D Mark II . Now a son is coming and i know i will want to take pics of him and i'll need a good camera for it, but at the same time I don't want to lose the possibility to shoot a nice "film look" 4k video if i need to. That's why i'm searching for a good dslr (with the budget problem, the money i have is "to receive" my son so I want to spend only the money i will get for the blackmagic).
  14. Well, first i must sell the blackmagic I HATE the first moments when you're about to choose a new camera because personally i'm always worried to make the wrong choice
  15. YES it's one of the first, it used to record CDNG, what would be the price then?
  16. guys what do you think about BMPCC 4k price? Consider that i only did record like 8-9 hours of video on it. It's in great condition What would be a fair price?
  17. this forum is the best, thanks for your great advices... I'm talking to a guy but he says 1100 euro for a used BMPCC 4k is too much. How much you guys think it would be a fair price for the body only?
  18. I was taking a look at the EOS R and it looks great. Definitely one of my possible choices. And yes, I will have a problem with the lenses since I sold some of the ones i used. I still have a 50 mm 1.2 ef and a 28mm 3.5 with the adaptor. Sadly I sold my sigma 14 mm that i loved. So basically I would have to buy a pair or lenses if i go back to ef full frame. Price range for a used EoS R in europe goes between 1200-1300 euros, so i guess i would spend all my money on the body
  19. thank you guys The Sony A6400 looks fine, i may think about ti what about the 5d Mark III? Is it still any good to buy it used?
  20. hi guys thanks for your answers... to make you understand ... it is true I am not a photographer but I liked taking a photograph every now and then, now that my son will be born even more I will have the desire to take some nice pics, as my old 5d Mark II allowed me to do. To be clear, I would like to go back to something "in between". Let me take some great photos but also a high quality video. The 5d Mark II also had a special touch in the video, but I don't know if this style remains in today's DSLRs. I would like you to make videos in 4k but, as I explained to you, the problem is my budget: I have to find something that does not exceed the money that I will make by selling the blackmagic. P.S. I love blackmagic, which is an exceptional camera, too much to keep in the closet. That's why I want to sell it.
  21. Hi all guys, I'll explain my dilemma and I hope you can give me some suggestions. I have always worked with video rather than photography (which remained an amateur hobby for me), so last year I sold my old and faithful 5D mark II to buy the blackmagic pocket 4K. This year I have worked very little with videos (I am a writer and now I concentrate mainly on this job) and I regretted bitterly that I bought the blackmagic. I'd like to go back to a classic DSLR, and I'm not sure which to buy after selling the pocket cinema camera. I am thinking about buying a used GH5 since I already have some 4/3 micro lenses, but the appeal of the canon is strong. My problem? The budget: I will spend exactly how much I will be able to earn from the sale of blackmagic and its accessories, which I don't think will be more than 1300 euros at most. I'd like your suggestion. What would you do in my situation? Thank you
  22. Thanks, so without reducer i would have to multiply per 1.9-2.0 more or less, correct?
  23. Hey guys, i'm bad at math and i don't really get the focal lenght of my lenses with a 0.7x focal reducer on the bmpcc 4k. I have a samyang 12mm micro 4/3, if i get it right in this sensor it will be a 23 mm more or less a Nikon 20mm 2.8, a 38-39 mm without focal reducer, with the focal reducer it would be a 24 mm, am i right ? if it's like that, wouldn't make much sense to buy a focal reducer...
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