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  1. A bit of context... 1. Sony have 3 main line of Camera: Alpha: Prosumer, photo camera that can shoot video FS(5 or 7), F5 and F(55 or 65): Super35 Cinema camera Venice: Full Frame Cinema camera In all those only the F65 shoot 8K. Neither the Venice, F5, F7 or F55 actually shoot 8K. 2. 8K 60MP (or 75MP) at 24fps generate a huge amount of data, that needs to be processed, and stored somewhere. This require fast multi-processor or multi-core to compute all that branch of 0 & 1 into something we can use actually to tell our story. Such type of processor for a such intensive hungry computing generate... heat and therefore, needs a good cooling system, what you have in any Cinema Camera that part of the reason why Cinema Camera are bulky! 3. Hungry Processing needs more power, meaning bigger or more effective battery or more power efficient processor or a combination of both of the latest in the best case. 4. SD card will not be enough. Will need CFast, CFExpress or XQD (if still exist) With that in mind, in order to put such Sensor (because the rumour was only on the Sensor) in a Sony Alpha A7x body, Sony will have to fix: the processing issue, the heat issue generated by the processor (and the sensor) otherwise you guys will be the first to say that this Camera is not usable because of overheating (I guess Sony already learned this lesson), and the battery issue, otherwise you'll complain about poor battery life that does not last a full day of shooting Other thing, by putting these Sensor (35, 60, 75 MP) in their Alpha body, Sony will eventually Cannibalised his Cinema line up (at least the FS). Those Camera main differentiator will then be the RAW capabilities, eventually higher bit rate. So I don't think those new sensor will come in the any of the Sony Alpha body soon, they may be going in newer version of the Sony Cinema lineup. Don't be too enthusiast just by a new sensor announcement rumor. Wait for the real rumor on the new A7SIII or A7IV or A7000 to be exited!
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