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  1. If you take a look at DSLR video shooter he said they were allowed to take them home for 6 weeks to test it out. Yes, they had to send them back. He also mentioned Canon did not pay him for his video or future videos and his comments were his own.
  2. I'm familiar with Kai W's work and among some others are photography based Youtube channels and is unfair assessment of their work. Rolling shutter is not as important to a still photographer ( Perhaps along with cropped 4K video ) Seems you already made a mistake with Kai W not mentioning rolling shutter, but still want to state he doesn't mention it enough even though he's mostly into street photography/portraits/landscape. It's fair game if you want to criticize video centric channels for DSLR video reviews. This is just a friendly reminder from a fellow youtuber such as myself.
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