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  1. So I just got my Mavic 2 Pro today, and decided to try the GHA conversion on it, in 10 bit mode of course, to see what would happen. I used the Cine-D pre, and then Linear. I still have to dial in my Mavic settings a bit more, but the lut seemed to work! Obviously not perfectly, but not bad. Now to get some better footage and more practice with this drone!
  2. I did use Premiere, unfortunately. So it's not the best it could be due to that! Will send over the DPX asap!
  3. Some shots taken this evening. Not much grading other than V3 and some minor tweaks. These were wrapped in prores, as I used the Ninja V, so they aren't optimal. But I am really loving V3! So beautiful.
  4. @will_fowkes Loved the video! I loved the story and how you told it as well. The voice over was done wonderfully! If I may ask, what type of exposure did you aim for? Neutral, or over a bit?
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