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  1. Filmic pro has a log format and Moment has something similar but not sure if that's a true log format or if it's just a flat profile. Hopefully it comes to fruition, I will buy it immediately!
  2. @Sage Have you thought about making Emotive Color for the new iPhones given that they record in 10-bit now? I understand that the footage is limited by other factors but I think some sort of Emotive Color even if it would be limited, would be really welcomed by iPhone users that use it for content creation.
  3. Saw this at Reddit and thought you might like it. This person used your workflow and lut.
  4. With recent tests from Fuji cameras I decided to find some footage from the Sony A7III and grade it. The footage isn't very good but it's the only "raw" (directly from the camera and not compressed during upload) footage I could find online so take it for what it is. I transformed Slog2 to V-log in DaVinci Resolve using the color space transform tool before applying the GhAlex lut. Using this method the footage got very overexposed but I found a semi-workaround by setting the pivot to 0 and adjusting the contrast on the main node. Although I had some problems conforming the footage to standard cinema luminance because of this semi-workaround.
  5. @Sage What's the difference between using this lut and using color space transform in Davinci Resolve V-Log to LogC and then rec. 709?
  6. @Sage Someone released an Arri Alexa lut for Sony slog2/3 cameras a while ago. You're obviously very experienced so would you mind sharing if you think it looks relatively close to the real Arri Alexa even though it's not an Alexa conversion?
  7. @Sage I just read the documentation and looked at the waveforms but there are some things that really confuses me due to my lack of knowledge. What's the difference between exposure (set by lift, gamma, gain) and luminance? I learned to set exposure by the color wheels (lift, gamma, and gain) and I can't seem to understand what to do with the luminance when you have a shot without a person. Do you only set the black and highlight value and disregard the skin tone value or do you replace it with something else? My reason for this confusion is because in my head I translate the black level (set by lift), skin tone or mid tones (set by gamma) and highlight (set by gain) which is most likely wrong. Could you give an example of how that could look like and how it's not supposed to look like?
  8. That's great, I'd like to learn more about color correction. Do you know of any good free resources for a semi-beginner (I do know how to do basic corrections in Resolve) wanting to become a better, more advanced colorist, preferably in Resolve?
  9. @Sage What's your background? You obviously seem to know a lot about color and the science behind it. How did you learn all of this?
  10. @Sage In a previous post, someone asked and you answered Is there any information about this yet?
  11. Thank you! I'm having a hard time judging if I like the GH5 look or not. Do you know of a fairly easy way to add this Arri Alexa look to the BMPCC 4K for comparison sake? I want to see how the GH5 stack up against BMPCC 4K image quality.
  12. Someone just uploaded some footage comparing the BMPCC 2K, 4K and GH5s and I would like to see how GH5s footage using this lut compares to BM. Could someone test grade this using this lut? Filename: P1034641.mov Much appreciated!
  13. I currently own the BMPCC and never considered the gh5 due the colors/look but this LUT changed my mind. How does the GH5 stack up against the BMPCC/BMMCC with this lut?
  14. I currently own the BMPCC and never considered the gh5 due the colors/look but this LUT changed my mind. How does the GH5 stack up against the BMPCC/BMMCC with this lut?
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