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  1. @FinnChristianPeper I believe this not only GHa LUT applied ?
  2. Yes, a little bit of confuse ?
  3. @Oliver Daniel Hi ! Can you share this lut ?
  4. @JeremyDulac And how can I get it ?
  5. Hi everyone ! What's the difference between 33x and 64x ? And also, all your manuals are for Premiere and Davinci only. Have anyone tried it with FCPX ? There are [PRE]'s for Premiere to fix, and I am wondering about FCPX, do I need to apply this [PRE] files too ? And one more question about LUT's for LogC Alexa, where I can buy it or test it ? Thanks.
  6. Very good works ? Especially short horror film is great ! But what I noticed is that GHA color science makes video more retro (vintage) look. Am I wright you are saying that it is standard use ? Or what u are saying by "non-standard use". Also, is there any Arri Alexxa LUT's tested with GHA ? I want to see variations of use for this beautiful color science. Thanks.
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