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  1. I'm sure folks have posted this new short film shot with the Fujifilm X-T3, but here it is anyway. This film is beautiful, and I think Andrew is right about it being a Samsung sensor. Footage from this camera is nothing like previous Fujifilm cameras. It really has a Samsung NX1 feel about it. And I shot hundreds of hours of footage with an NX1 and sold it about 2 weeks ago. I loved my NX1, and it was great for many years, but the macro blocking finally made me sell it. This new improved sensor looks like a major evolutionary step. Samsung must have had some help with the processor too. Only a few companies and Samsung is one of them, has the technology for so much horsepower from a tiny chip. Also, these images do not look like Sony sensor, in my opinion. Check out old NX1 videos and you will see the similarities. Anyway, enjoy.
  2. Hey Aaron, your RAWLITE footage looks amazing! Was this footage shot in RAW using the new Color Science Version 4 that's in Davinci Resolve 15? The new color science really makes the UM46K footage look closer to Alexa. I did ttests was was blown away not only by skin tones but by the way it renders all colors more naturally and thicker. Below is some footage a guy graded using the new V4 color science. Check it out.
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