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  1. I have been selling on ebay for many years but I started moving to alternative posting places such as Sharegrid and Facebook Market Place. As long as you meet the person purchasing your item and possibly doing the exchange at a Police Station you should be good.
  2. The combination of Camera and Lens is excellent for short form recording, interviews and ENG stuff. However I needed something I could rely for all day event recording and ended up returning the A7III, simply because the camera overheats after 42 minutes of recording. I still have the Lens and I'm waiting for a better A7S III !!!
  3. Actually I just purchased a Sony A7 III ($1,998.00) and the Full Frame Sony 28-135 f4 Lens ($1,499.00 ebay) which works like a charm in either full frame and Super 35 modes. The TOTAL is $3,497.00 (4K Camera and Cinema/ENG Full frame Lens)! If you can rack-up another $400 you could make the A7 III and ENG / Cinematic / 2 channel audio monster by adding the Sony XLR-K2M XLR Adapter Kit (used $402.00 Adorama)... and a $49 ND Filter just in case... Therefore for less than $4,000.00, Sony gives you an excellent Cinema / ENG / Low-Light Monster including the ability to take 24MB photos... I can't wait to see the next Sony A7S III, the next FS5 and the next FS7... and I'm getting ready to upgrade down the Sony Cinema line! Andrew wrote: "If you don’t own many Canon lenses all you need to buy is a Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 to do most things – the cost goes past $3000 but it can easily creep past $8000 on the Sony and Nikon side. I just can’t help feeling that Canon lost a lot of lens sales with that crop, when all you need to buy is a single Sigma zoom and maybe one of their ART primes."
  4. #1- Could this be the reason why Canon decided to cripple the EOS R? #2- Will Sony make the same MISTAKE? The Canon XF705 4K Camcorder... https://youtu.be/z8kILVVIv5s
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