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  1. Got my camera this week. Added some genuine canon lpe-6n batteries and the camera won’t power on. If I add some pressure to the battery it will. Anyone else see this issue or know how to fix it?
  2. Is this their prototype cage? The finish doesn't look the same as the website pics. Where is the "Tactical Assault Armor" ???? lol
  3. Are you referring to the nucleus N or M?
  4. According to their more strict tests (1/SNR=0.5, number in bold on the right) the OG pocket has 11.2 and P4K has 11.6. The pocket 4K has about half a stop more of dynamic range.
  5. the highlight recovery in these shots seem pretty great but deezid claims that the DR in the highlights are worse on the pocket 4K. Does this only mean that you can blow out the highlights further in the OG pocket and still retain clean data? We're not talking about highlight roll off are we? If i am able to recover a blown out shot like the one you are presenting here with the 4K, I'd be pretty happy. I'm more concerned with the roll-off.
  6. How bad are the highlights in the pocket 4K in comparison to the OG pocket?
  7. I've never heard of an E mount to MFT mount adapter. Isn't this impossible?
  8. Would be interesting to see the pocket 4K in here since someone on this thread claims the OG pocket has better dynamic range. I forget who it was.
  9. Best camera for the job i suppose. If i need something professional i will deck out the Pocket 4K with whatever i require for that project (follow focus, gimbal, etc) i enjoy modularity and the fact that this camera starts off small and can be built up to your needs), if i'm on a family vacation and want to travel light while running after my kids then i'll go for convenience (IBIS, Autofocus). I don't think iPhones are up to the quality standards we are looking for as of yet.
  10. I have to agree with you on the autofocus and IBIS. Now that all these gimbal manufacturers are beginning to offer wireless follow focus motors for cheap these systems take care of these 2 issues. The only reason I would need autofocus and IBIS is if I am traveling and don’t want to bring a gimbal or I just feel like being lazy and would rather hand hold the camera. For those reasons I would just bring my A7RIII. I know most people will say why have 2 cameras when you can have all these features in 1 camera but I haven’t see this perfect camera yet.
  11. Thanks mate. That was very helpful. As for the S-Log vs Alexa comparison, I only mentioned this in terms of mojo which by the sound of most of the reviewers the 4K doesn’t seem to have.
  12. I know right? i should have left my personal opinion out of it. lol
  13. Great response Andrew. I am actually coming from an Sony A7RIII and am considering the pocket 4K, primarily because of the RAW, BRAW and high color depth since i am also into VFX work. I do color grade and appreciate great color science although color science can be subjective. I personally prefer the creamy, saturated less clinical look of the Alexa. On that note, I've had major difficulty with slog 2 skin tones. Trying to isolate skin in resolve in order to correct it in 8 bit has been a nightmare. HLG just seems like i'm sacrificing dynamic range. I also thought with the invention of focal reducers, having the full frame look was achievable on a M43 camera? Are you against this? So in terms of color science and color depth for my particular needs is the pocket 4K a waste? Can i achieve just as good results with an A7RIII? Is the added benefit that minimal? Anyone can chime in on this.
  14. I would wait. I saw somewhere DJI mentioning that they will be releasing a DJI Focus Lite for the Ronin S, similar to the Nucleus Nano. Just not sure if they can compete with the nano's price.
  15. i've been eyeing this since it was announced. Waiting for the release and it's reviews. Really dislike the wood finishes on Tilta products though. Is it just me?
  16. Is it me or is his focus and grading off on these shots? Difficult to make any conclusions.
  17. Is there a difference in optical quality between all these focal reducers mentioned? I don’t want to diminish the IQ of a cinema lens on this body.
  18. @John Brawley I noticed you are a fan of the SLR magic APO's. Do you think this would be a great fit for the BMPCC4K? If so, would you just use the MFT adapter or would you get an MFT speedbooster? Ideally i would prefer a speedbooster but I've wondered whether the extra glass from the speedbooster would degrade the image quality of the lens and defeat the purpose of investing in a cinema grade lens like this. Your thoughts?
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