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  1. Hey everyone I currently have a 5diii (which is FFVV) but i'm looking to do an upgrade in the next year or so I'd like to get a camera that has different crop modes available for both stills and video modes -- For example, I love the fact that the Canon 1DC is a FFVV camera but has a s35 mode to switch to in 4k What cameras have a similar function?? Getting a Medium format camera that has both FFVV and s35 crop modes, to do quick switches down to, would be fantastic. Looking into Fuji....anyone know if the GFX50S or R or the new 100mp camera will have these options? Other bran
  2. Hello I just started using the VisionTech PP on my ML'd Canon 5Diii and I have noticed that when in stills mode, and at 400 ISO, the zebras tend to go crazy far more easily- in other words, I have to close down all the way to f22 NEARLY 90% OF THE TIME and but then the highlights in the skies/clouds are still blown out so I have to then reduce the ISO to 200 (shutter remains at 1/50) Has anyone else noticed that the exposure sensitivity has increased using this VisionTech and therefore you have to close further down, and yet it's still not enough and need to reduce the iso?? I j
  3. This is looking very interesting. A LUT might be the way to go. I didn't know that LUTs can be uploaded into PS and therefore be utilized on stills in that method. $48 seems worth it. One thing about these LUTS though is they seem to always primarily focus on color when reality, the film grain and texture of the image is really what makes it come alive... after all-- film is movement. And this grain and texture in my opinion does also make for a more dense and 3-dimensional image ~giving a more immediate illusion and perspective of depth cues
  4. Yeah... I don't even know what a DRX file even is, let alone how to upload, apply, and use it
  5. Yeah that's what I'm trying to avoid-- I'm not a color correction guru or aficionado -- for my purposes, that post-processing would be far too time-consuming. Baking in the look via a picture profile is the ideal. But in general-- is there a way to add LUTs to still photos in either Resolve or some other program?? Post-processing stills photos in Resolve seems a rather clunky workflow app for simply making stills more filmlike/cinematic. Other app suggestions? Any picture profiles of note that are great emulating a certain film stock??? Various choices are always welcome
  6. Hello I'm using the Canon 5Diii with ML and am looking for a Picture Profile that resembles the color, contrast, hue, saturation, texture, and grain of the original 3-strip Technicolor films such as Rebel Without a Cause, Gone with the Wind, Black Narcissus, Red Shoes, or La La Land for that matter ANy suggestions of in-camera PP that are designed for Canon DSLR's using Magic Lanterns??? Ideally, I would like to just apply this look in-camera... but if someone does have a LUT to use in post-pro, then that would be of interest as well. Though I would like to use such a LUT more frequ
  7. Thanks Hans I've done alot more research and do agree The simple recourse: I'm going to shoot stills and video in both 16x9 mode and simply frame with custom crop marks in camera. For the life of me I cannot figure out a way to properly edit my present custom crop mark BMP files myself, and have them turn out in a working order... Whenever I edit an existing one to my ideal crop margins-- I save the file, add it into the ML SD card folder, it successfull is loaded and becomes selectable in the camera options but the edited file shows up simply now blank ~no black let
  8. Obviously, this is a long post but it hits on everything pertaining to in-camera capture of 2.67:1 of video AND stills at HD, 2k, 3k, or 4k to then crop to 2.55 -- OR preferably even better, to simply straight away capture at 2.55 to avoiding cropping afterwards toward the overall creative goal of using my ML Canon 5DIII as a viewfinder on location scouts by taking video AND stills in the true cinemascope aspect ratio of 2.55:1 I'm making a feature with x2 anamorphic lenses on the RED DSCM and will be exhibiting a final aspect ratio of 2.55 seen in La La Land, Rebel without a Cause, and t
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