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  1. I'm a color junky- And I'm most interested in the Fuji X-T3 Or any of their Medium format GFX cams like the 50S or that epic 100mp coming out... but I'm also very interested in the  Sigma Foveon cameras like the Sigma sd Quattro H

    Two topics of interest...
    When is the new full-frame Sigma Foveon Camera going to be released this year? And will it actually have a video mode as well as a crop mode for photos and or video to go back down to APS-C or H??
    Does anyone have insider info on this... would really like to finally know this release day

    Furthermore, has anyone done tests (and can post the results) of a comparison between a Fuji XT-3 (or GFX) to the Sigma Quattro H??
    Any sort of comprehensive test to see the difference between the color rendition, accuracy, gamut, and dynamic range between Foveon and Eterna would be very interesting. Post links you know of!!

  2. 1 hour ago, webrunner5 said:

    Shutter speed in essence has nothing to do with DR, only how it effects ISO. It really effects motion or cadence effect. The higher the ISO, unless it is a dual ISO sensor, the worse the DR is in both Photo and Video modes. And yes almost every camera has a higher base ISO in Video Mode than in Photo mode.

    hmmm Okay to that's good to know. Though testing for Dynamic range could be affected by shutter speed though as a result of the shutter letting in more or less light/second right?? I was figuring this is the reason for the various results of DR being measured for a given camera.
    So you're saying that these Dynamic range results appply equally both in the camera's still and video mode?? Somehow I doubt this because there's a higher color bit in stills mode than in video modes and such? Right?

    For iso then: Fuji x-T3 base for stills is iso160 while for video is iso640
    For the canon 5diii with magic lantern is iso100 in stills and then....iso400 in video? Please confirm

    So what're the definitive dynamic ranges for these two models?

  3. Does anyone know the dynamic range of the Fuji X-T3 when taking video as well as stills when the shutter speed is set to  1/50th??
    Same goes for the Canon 5diii with Magic lantern for comparison. And yes, the closest shutter on the 5diii to get to that is using 1/48th

    Would be great to confirm a comparison.

    The reason for wanting to know the actual dynamic range of both camera at this shutter speed of 1/50th (or whichever option is closets) is because I only ever use this shutter speed of 1/48 on my 5diii because it's the proper pairing with 23.98 or true 24fps when shooting video. So I therefore only ever take pictures using this shutter speed as well in order to keep everything consistent.

    I've noticed countless DR tests go all over the place with the 5Diii, but usually, they're more or less worthless readings since nobody would ever shoot video at 23.98fps combined with say... 1/8s shutter. Please correct me if I'm off base here....

    Also, I think I saw that in video mode for the Fuji, the native iso is actually higher than it's native iso for stills (640iso for video vs 160 for stills)... is this true? Does a similar scenario apply the 5diii? I know that it's native iso is 100 for stills, but perhaps its native for video is 400iso or something else?
    regardless, shutter speed is independent of iso speed.

  4. 52 minutes ago, Julien416 said:

    I am sorry to break it to you, but what you're looking for already exists. It's called a GH5 or a GH5s. Those colors that you don't like can be tweaked with luts and color grading. Instead of losing your time trying to find something that doesn't exists, you better buy what's available. By the way, you're forgetting the Z cam E2 that looks pretty cool. It also has a M43 sensor with an anamorphic mode.

    By the way, I've bought my fair share of those focal reducer, and honestly the only ones that really impressed me are the original speed boosters, the other ones are either too flimsy to attach a 2kgs anamorphic lens, or simply optically inferior.  

    Hmm Metabones it is then.  Strange though -- they have canon FD to Fuji X... which is worthless, and yet (speedbooster or not) don't have a single 'EF' to Fuji X adaptor

    I'm patient to wait. Maybe the Panasonic FF cams will have a aspH or s35 crop mode for stills and video to be an alternative to the Sony's that do so... but ehhh, I truly then rather really be patient and wait to save up for a medium format Fuji and use my FF lenses on it with that fotodiox adaptor switched to 35mm mode. Or to save half the money, I'll wait and see if the Sigma FF will have a crop mode to compete. Either way-- it's looking like the fuji X-T3 is out as an option without there being such a speedbooster I'm referring too. So again: that leaves, Sigma FF, Fuji medium format + 35mm adaptor, or too just settle on a FF Sony/Panasonic or m43 GH5

    Yup... all will be clear by midway through the year on the new models coming out. Gee I do wish Fuji would surprise us with a premium apsH model... ohh the wonder it could be  

    BTW... has anyone found a Speedbooster of any degree for EF to Fuji X??? I have not...

  5. 4 hours ago, Julien416 said:

    What you're asking simply doesn't exist. There's no such thing as a x0.85 speedbooster.

    You want super 35 4 perf size? Get a x0.71 speedbooster and a m43 sensor, end of story. For info, on the Alexa in 4/3 mode, the sensor is actually a little smaller than a speedbooster m43 (23.76x17.83mm) and no one ever noticed the difference with s35 4 perfs. I use it all the time (the Alexa that is) and even crop in it when necessary... And no one ever complained either... I also own a speedboosted gh5s and anamorphic glass and couldn't be happier. 

    Yeah... I just really do not like Panasonic-- forgetting the whole anamorphic 4:3 mode options such (we are in the ana thread), I just think the colors, skins tones, higher MP, and the larger native sensor size to start from is great with either a Sigma or Fuji.
    Lamely, the Sigma foveons don't have video modes (absurd!) but crossing fingers that this will change with their FF coming out this year. Plus... it won't have that ridiculous SA mount (which any third party still has yet to make an EF to SA adapter for!) thus making it useless. Thank goodness for the L Mount alliance.

    Now I know I could get a sony A9 or a7sii and such which does have a s35 crop mode on these FF cams.. this is the great feature and ideal feature but the inflated cost and lack of color personality in the sony's don't make them all too attractive for me. 
    For curiosity of comparison-- does anyone know the actual dimensions of the sensor size these sony's become when in s35 mode??  I always wonder if they are just using the euphemism of 's35' but that it's actually cropping further to a smaller apsC or H mode?? Please confirm
    The only other FF cam with this s35 crop feature was the Canon 1DC -- which I loved, but at this point it is only 8 bit and works off the sparsely used codec of Motionjpegs

    Where I got the whole 0.85x  focal reducer is from the Aputure LensRegain
    It states .75x but from review tests it is actually confirmed to create a .85x

    *****However: this adaptor is made for Canon EF to 'MFT' mount cameras.... so the gh5 in other words. Though if this .85x crop were to be applied on an apsC camera like a Fuji it would result in that sensor size I desire.

    So coming full circle now....  do any of these adapters: Metabones, Viltrox, Mitakon Zhongyi, K&F Concept, FOTOMIX Fringer, Kipon Baveyes, or Fotodiox... have a different crop factor (more crop) then what the given model claims???

    Lastly, wouldn't it be just epic to have an adaptor like this here (with nifty a 35mm switch on the side).. this would be so great to put on an X or L mount cam. I could try double adapting???  this EF to fuji G mount-- onto a G to X mount? Don't know much about these methods though

    Fun Times 

  6. On 1/22/2019 at 2:28 AM, Caleb Genheimer said:

    Because the factor (0.64 or 0.71) is not a whole number, you divide on your calculator... pretty darn sure that’s the correct way to do the math, but if I’m wrong I’ll gladly eat my words. 

    Alrighty here we go!! thank you

    The be-all-to-end-all-grand-daddy question: does anyone know of a speed booster (or simply a focal reducer) at 0.85x??? If so which is the best one for quality?? Or I could also ask, which is the best speedbooster marked as 0.726x, 0.71x or 0.64x  but in all actuality has a true measurement of about a 0.85x focal reduction???

    My plan: find a .85x speed booster that is Canon EF to Fuji X -- so I can use my large collection of full-frame EF lenses on a Fuji X-T3
    Alternate plan: wait to see if the New Sigma FF Foveon camera actually has a video mode + an aspH or s35 sensor crop mode for both stills and video... not holding my breath (doesn't the Sony A9 have this though? Meh... I'm a Fuji or Sigma lover

    My calculations for reference of when attempting to get a digital sensor equivalent as close to 4 perf super 35 cinema as possible on an slr:
    Original 4 perf=
    23.16 x 18.16mm
    Current 4 perf=
    24.89 x 18.66mm
    RED Helium=
    29.90 mm x 15.77mm

    17.3 x 13mm          (not wide enough / not tall enough)
    23.5 x 15.6mm      (wide enough / not tall enough)
    26.6 x 17.9             (too wide / not tall enough)

    ApsC 23.5 x 15.6mm    (NO: wide as film but not as digital / not as tall as film or digital after crop)
    ApsH 26.6 x 17.9          (YES: between width of film and digital / BUT not tall as film YET tall as digital after crop)

    Original 4 perf = 23.16 x 18.16mm
    Current 4 perf = 24.89 x 18.66mm
    RED Helium = 29.90 mm x 15.77mm

    - X0.85
    M43= 20.35 x 15.29mm         (NO)
    ApsC= 27.64 x 18.35mm        (YES: between width of film and digital  / tall enough for film and digital after crop) CLOSEST EQUIVALENT~ THE WINNER!!!!
    ApsH= 31.29 x 21.05mm       (NO: wider then film and digital / too tall for film and digital)

    - X0.75
    M43= 23.06 x 17.33mm         (NO: not as wide as film or digital / not tall enough for film but taller than digital
    ApsC= 31.33 x 20.8mm          (NO: too wide for film and digital / too tall for film and digital
    ApsH= 35.46 x 23.86              (NO: too wide for film and digital / too tall for film and digital

    - x0.726
    M43= 23.83 x 17.9mm            (YES: wide enough for film BUT not digital / NOT tall as film YET tall as digital after crop)
    ApsC= 32.36 x 21.48mm       (NO: too wide for film and digital / too tall for film and digital)
    ApsH= 36.63 x 24.65              (NO)

    - x0.71
    M43= 24.36 x 18.30mm        (YES: wide enough for film but not digital /  tall as film and digital after crop)
    ApsC= 33.09 x 21.9mm         (NO: too wide for film and digital / too tall for film and digital)
    ApsH= 37.46 x 25.21mm      (NO)

    - X0.64
    M43= 27.03 x 20.31mm       (YES: between width of film and digital / tall enough for film and digital after crop) The closest 'smaller sensor size' equivalent
    ApsC= 36.71 x 24.37mm      (NO)
    ApsH= 41.56 x 27.96mm      (NO)


  7. On 12/13/2018 at 5:24 PM, Caleb Genheimer said:

    The math...

    1. look up the sensor dimensions 

    2. multiply by the focal reducer’s factor


    ummm.... is your math calculations correct? I'm trying for the life of me to replicate your figures for the maths on the GH5 4:3 sensor and Speedboosters:

    17.3 X 13mm

    X0.64= 27X20mm

    X0.71= 24.3X18.3mm

    - For the Metabones Speed Booster XL 0.64x  wouldn't it be both width (17.3) and height (13) multiplied by 1.64?  So instead it would come out as...
    X0.64= 28.37X21.32mm

    - Same goes for the ULTRA 0.71x
    X0.71= 29.58X22.23mm

    - And the Zhong Yi Mitakon Lens Turbo Adapter Mark II .726x
    X0.726= 29.85X22.44mm

    Correct?... Or am I missing something here. How did you come out with X0.64= 27X20mm and X0.71= 24.3X18.3mm???

    For the sake of comparison if choosing an APS-C or APS-H camera and using a speed booster with FF lenses... The sensor sizes would calculate from the Fuji X-T3 starting at 23.5mm×15.6mm (APS-C) to what??
    - Using the Zhong Yi Mitakon Lens Turbo Adapter Mark II at 0.73x magnification (36mm FF width multiplied by .73 and 24mm FF height multiplied by .73) OR no??

    X0.73= 26.28X17.52mm 

    - And for an APS-H camera like the Sigma Quattro H at 26.7×17.9mm itwould become... ehhh idk?!... this can't be the right math i'm using because these sensor sizes numbers are coming out smaller than a boosted m43 sensors...  I don't know how to derive these figures!!!

    Please help.
    And any links/recommendations to focal reducers for an FF canon 'EF' to Fuji X mount adaptor... in the best quality for the various reducer size options, do let me know!

  8. On 12/9/2018 at 6:35 PM, Timotheus said:

    Your question is kind of confusing... I think the age old confusing topic of  'equivalency' might play a part here?



    Yes I totally made that explanation confusing. To clarify. I'm trying to get to the closest digital size as if I were shooting 4 perf 35mm film BECAUSE I know that anamorphic was created for that image size format AND THUS for 35mm lenses with an image circle to cover the size for that film negative. So X0.71 on a m4/3 sensor at 24.3×18.3mm is pretty darn close to that original film size of 23.16×18.16mm (which the cropped from 2.66 to 2.55)

    On 12/10/2018 at 4:47 AM, Caleb Genheimer said:

    Don't confuse focal length with field of view. There is NO advantage/disadvantage on ANY sensor size when it comes to field of view/angle of view (how “wide” of a view you get) through a scope. It will vignette at the EXACT SAME field of view no matter what size sensor you use.

    The change in useable focal length (in mm) on various sensor sizes in indeed due to “equivalency”, also referrers to as “crop factor.”


    Caleb, can you please write out/explain the arithmetic for how you derive the mm dimensions? Reason being, I do know of another speed booster which is slightly different at 0.726x and would like to know what size that one would results as in order to compare.

    The confusion has arisen because of the whole FF lenses thing. I don't want/or care about the equivalency FOV of FF format. I care about attain the equivalent FOV for 4 perf cinema at all times as my reference point and thus want to be working in a digital equivalent sensor size through the of the best speedbooster to attain this sensor size (and thus closest FOV)
    for me a 50 is a 50 is a 50mm in regards to the characteristics of that focal length. 
    I the reason I brought up my FF lenses is simply because I do not want to purchase an entirely new set of s35 or apsC lenses because I've already got a ton of ziess ZF2 prime lenses (which are FF). I simply want to shoot down the center of the barrel of these FF lenses (and thus no maxing out their entire image circle which would introduce vignetting)

    So with that, if I was to use my 25mm or 35mm zeiss ZF2 primes as the taking lenses on this smaller m43+ speed booster combo I suspect I would certainly be able to get down to the equivalent FOV of those very same focal lengths of this 4 perf 35mm film format without vignetting????

    Furthermore, I would NOT use a s16mm projector lens as my anamorphic 2x front element since this is a smaller image format as well. I would use a 2x 35mm projector lens instead OR even a lomo square front, or something else for that matter (any other x2 recommendations are appreciated)

    So yeah... not avoiding smaller format projector scope lenses as well as avoiding the utilization of the larger image circle available in the FF lenses in order to meet in the middle of my desired shooting format size as it was intended for but just through the use of these different tools (m43 sensor / speedbooster combo / 35mm 2x scope element)

    Will it work??

  9. On 11/20/2018 at 6:40 PM, Caleb Genheimer said:

    I guess I don’t understand this discussion at all. You’re concerned about all this for stills mode on a camera? Just shoot full-frame and crop to 4:3 APS-H in post (if that’s what you want. I don’t get why you want APS-H specifically but whatever.) You have to post-process to de-squeeze anyway. 

    Is it a monitoring issue? If you want to see what you’re shooting de-squeezed, there are plenty of cameras with outputs and external monitors that can hook up. 

    Maths on the GH5 4:3 sensor and Speedboosters:

    17.3 X 13mm

    X0.64= 27X20mm

    X0.71= 24.3X18.3mm


    Ohh thank you so very much for this info!!

    My whole thing is to get to a 4:3 mode on a digital sensor that is closest to the specs size of 4 perf 35mm film. This original anamorphic cinemascope is 23.16×18.16mm
    So it looks like a X0.71 speed booster would be perfect for FF lenses on a m4/3 sensor since it results in 24.3×18.3mm
    This is even closer than aps-H at 26.7×17.9mm 

    Cool. So here is my question then: would this m4/3 + X0.71 speed booster combo allow for being able to go to wider focal lengths before vignetting when paired with FF lenses??
    In other words, does this crop mode and focal reducer method solve the problem of the typical FF lens/FF sensor combo that can't go wider than 40-50mm lenses when using 2x scopes? 

    I'd like to get down to 25mm focal length lenses to use and so I'm trying to find a method to get out of the larger FF sensor sizes (which is causing the problem) while not going smaller than traditional 35mm film. All these ana scopes were made for this format after all...

  10. On 11/16/2018 at 6:50 PM, leslie said:

     a canon with magic lantern installed perhaps, but you would probably have to crop. there might be an experimental build with 4:3 i'm not sure. i have ml installed on an older canon used mostly for playing around with timelapse so i'm not really up with current versions of ml

    Yeah that would be perfect-- don't know if it exists though: a 35mm 4:3 crop mode for anamorphic .... yes, please!? But... again on the ML's canon's -- they have NEVER figured out how to simultaneously jailbreak the stills function to actually take photos of what the liveview is seeing while even in video mode-- taking stills always reverts backs to 16x9 or 3:2
    now of course, one can put stills mode into 4:3 FF but again, no custom multi-sensor crop modes were ever made for the stills mode-- WHICH SHOULD BE SO EASY, especially one can already do a 2.66 video crop mode in 1080p resolution of the 16x9 mode.... apply the same type of functions to stills should not be hard

    I personally am holding out for what sigma does in the APS-H quattro Foveon cams-- I did see an article they are now changing ot the lieca mount and immediately making a L-EF adaptor
    I'd also wait to see what Fuji does in APS-C after their x-t3. Perhaps a flagship model will have a larger APS-H mode
    The sony a7siii -- who knows whenever that will be out but it is certainly a hopeful contender
    And upcoming Panasonic FF's could implement their multi-sensor modes from the GH line ~the most likely breakthrough...so yup, 1-2 years wait time ?

  11. 7 hours ago, leslie said:

    i'm not sure there is a cheap answer to that question

    there are answers to your question, however i dont think any of them are cheap plus getting down to 25 mm is a big ask i think maybe im wrong but i doubt it will be cheap  . technically letus make an anamorphic adapter  but that does 1.33 and fits a gopro but is soon to be discontinued, moondogs make something similar for the iphones. their your cheapest options and i doubt they would APS-C to a 25mm . next step up is projector lens and associated lens clamps and filter holders then you have to either double focus or buy a single focus lens adapter plus diopters if you want to get closer . its probably not that much cheaper than just buying a real anamorphic lens to start with perhaps, if you take the added level of drama all the above entails . dragging up letus  name again they make a bigger anamorphic but its only 1.33 for 16,9 as well and $2600 not sure how wide it will go with lenses. slr magic seem to be  reasonable priced at the moment.


    Love the post
    - Yeah, I was advised on getting a Lomo square front (which is a non-projector lens setup) -- but where to get these and how to mount them and for what price?? I do not know but apparently these are the best option to shooting on a 35mm sensor size and get wide angles to 25mm
    - on the modern end of this same approach there is the SLR Magic which does have a 2x front element screw on solution (I believe) but I don't know how wide they can go and they have a reversed nikon stlye focus pull and the marks on the dial are entirely silly with no ft or mm distances markers.
    - For the projector lens route I was suggested the Kowa 16 series (3 different models numbers but are actually more-or-less the same)-- apparently, these do get down to 25mm on Micro 4/3 with a speed booster como but they are a 16mm projector lenses for starters... so it's alreay a far smaller image circle to start with and thus limiting the wide angle use on sensor sizes and 35mm cine lenses to start with.
    - The 1.33 Letus pro does go as wide as 21mm -- which is amazing but I frankly have no interest in 1.33x squeezes or shooting on 16x9 sensors because the height is not the true Vfov as 4 perf 35mm (4:3 sensors) and would be like shooting the Arri Alexa classic with a 2x stretch. ~ big investment for a personal rig with not the desired results. On that note, Letus does have a 1.8x anamorphic front which is amazing but that still only derives 2.39:1 on a 4:3 sensor.
    - On the single focus solutions front-- DNA-HD did just announce a new smaller adapter that is available now, but there is no test footage or confirmations on how wide it can go in combination with given scope and what format sizes it can fit up to (8mm, 16mm, 35mm) format wise.

    All in all, there is still  a camera issue anyway-- there are no APS-C or APS-H cams that have a 4:3 mode aside from that Sigma and there are also no FF cams that have an APS-H crop + 4:3 combination mode (this would be ideal... and perhaps the new Panasonic's will have this sensor option)
    - On the micro 4/3 route-- the gh5s is obviously the way to go, but I still am a bit unsure as to which speed booster I would need-- to create a crop factor that retains the FOV of APS-H  image sensor size at 26.7×17.9mm  --which again, is the closest digital equivalent sensor size I have found to the ideal (4 perf 35mm) of 23.16mm x 18.16mm
    - So yeah... if I'd need to do M4/3 (before investing a crap ton of money into an entire rig) I'd just need to figure out for starters which speedbooster gets my FF lenses closest to 23.16mm x 18.16mm when the camera is set to 4:3 mode to shoot anamorphic. Haven't found this info yet.

  12. On 11/5/2018 at 4:10 PM, GiM_6x said:

    I presume you asked this question to avoid an good anamorphic adapter, which is expensive.


    2) Take 2 stripes of "Painter's masking tape" (I love green one, so you can remove them easy without consequences) and obliterate the UP and DOWN of your LCD camera display to get that 2.66 ratio. You just set-up the proper "finder".

    For a fixed focal lens (no zoom), there is a very simple anamorphic solutions (yes, cheap one) of perfect optical quality, but need a good handy-man to set it properly (better for long focals and smaller sensor  :frown: ), anyway - is for other thread.


    hello-- thanks for the response. 
    For your simple method- I'm already employing this with my canon 5diii using magic lantern to display custom crop marks atop the LiveView. Currently i'm using one for 2.55:1 with a rule of thirds grid line. 2.55 is my final exhibition format. 
    However, with this method, it doesn't get passed me that my HFOV is far wider than the same focal lengths of their 35mm film format and are also on a larger format to capture this virtual equivalent. Of course, this method just gets me the same perspective FOV but not with the true DOF and focal length combo as in 35mm cinema after knowing what FF focal lengths will give the same FOV after discovering the crop factor between the two formats.

    If I were to do this on a digital stills camera, I found that if I were to shoot on an APS-H sensor size camera that employs a 4:3 mode then I would be the closest to the 4 perf film negative.
    the only choice out there right now is this sigma-- which is a really appealing option, yet only has a stills mode and there is no mount adapter to use my EF lenses and I'd also have to get an external recorder simply to de-squeeze it's LiveView to take only stills.

    Nonetheless, it would be interesting to know which is the best 2x anamorphic solution... that is NOT a projector lens attached.
    A single focus non-projector lens 2x anamorphic solution that can go to wide angle focal lengths like 25mm when using a sensor size camera close to apsH
    I don't think such a solution exists in the budget DIY adaptor realm but still interested to hear anyone's thoughts

  13. One question I haven't asked-- I were to used an apsC camera like that Fuji X-T3 (which only has 16x9)-- if I were to attached an external recorder of some make & model --- do these external recorders have some sort of sensor override function? So do any allow for imposing a multi-sensor size function?

    Just trying to find out if there is a work around where I could force a 4:3 sensor mode via an external recorder onto an apsC camera so that I could get 2.66 out of a 2X front element adapter 

  14. 8 hours ago, KnightsFan said:

    I don't have a GH5 or GH5s so I can't confirm how 4:3 photos or the desqueeze are implemented, sorry.


    With the 5D3, you can crop the photo to 4:3 and it will have the same FOV as your video.

    Haha, we've all got our list! :)

    You have to jump up a few price brackets to get those, unfortunately.

    Hmmmm yeah I mean in many ways-- I am more so looking for a DLSR Stills Camera that can perform the duties of capture anamorphic images in-camera ~ So I can monitor the de-squeeze in camera and then have the ability to take a screen grab/screen capture/snap shot/ of that image.... (in other words, I can then avoid having to purchase and rig up an external recorder)

    Because If you think about it: I know now that there are now reverse speed boosters (so I can fit APSC lenses onto my 5Diii and utilize a smaller image circle lenses attached to my 2X adaptor in order to go wider into focal lengths before vignetting) -- this idea won't work....So now i'm in the realm of buying a new camera that is micro 4/3 at $2300  and then a Speed booster to use APSC lenses, and then I gotta get the lenses (the two fuji cine zooms are easily set me back to $6000)
    So it's like $9k to get this rig going. CRAZY
    And to not have fujifilm and grain looks... or to have built in/burn in LUT options like on the Black Magic.... this is a tough sell

    Ohh yeah and then the 2X adaptor is like $2k

    So now it's an $11k rig. OUCH. So this is just the reality of this all since I can't use my 5D because it is not really a usable multi-sensor camera hack that allows me to actually utilize the focal lengths I want to be shooting in.... Ugh....  and even if I would save $1k by going with the black magic or Fuji X-t3- those 16x9 modes redrive only as wide as 2.40 on 1.33X adaptors or a super wide 4.00 aspect ratio with a 2X adaptors... but either of these options do NOT capture the real height Vfov that the same lens would see if it were used on a sensor on a 4:3 mode.

    hmmmm there is simply just not enough choiced... really there is actually only one choice for users who want to capture actual 2.66 uncropped cinemascope format-- and that is the GH5 or GH5s

    Please confirm


  15. 1 hour ago, KnightsFan said:

    I don't believe there are any others. I'm not familiar with current ML capabilities. Maybe some other ML cameras can shoot 4:3 as well.

    The GH5s/P4K/E2 are all very low resolution, primarily designed for video. I wouldn't recommend taking photos with them.

    A speed booster is not required, no.

    To answer your question from before...

    No. Instead of thinking of the speed booster as widening your lens, think of it as enlarging your sensor. If you put a speed booster on an APS-C camera, you now have a full frame camera. If a lens vignettes on full frame, it will vignette on APS-C+speed booster. In fact it might even vignette MORE with wide lenses with large apertures.


    Hmmm this is very good information. Well, I know the stills get worse on the S series versus the regular GH5 but I do like the idea that there is absolutely not crop factors whatsoever in all different aspect ratio shooting modes on this sensor.

    But can you confirm that if a user was to snap a still while on 4:3 mode with a 2X adaptor, the still image would come out of camera already de-squeezed at 2.66 OR would it be squeezed and in a 4:3 container ready for post processing? If all stills taken while even on video mode, revert back to 16x9, I will be extremely disappointed. I hate how the ML hack hasn't fixed that on the canon's

    Also, can someone address the in-camera de-squeeze simulator display function for the GH5s? How does it work and does it actually show an exact display for say 2.66 views so I could monitor and frame without the need for an external recorder (another added cost I do not want to deal with)

    In an ideal world I'd have a camera that can upload LUTs and burn them into the footage and stills while in camera like the black magic and also have all that cameras amazing record codecs... but then have those features on an APS-C camera sensor size like the Fuji X-T3 so as to have no need for a speed booster -- and I must say I love the Fuji grain and film stocks options in camera to create an amazing look baked in. Dang...  If I were to pick one to have 4:3 mode it would definitely be the Fuji... since it's color and skin tones are certainly better then the GH5s


  16. 5 hours ago, KnightsFan said:


    To clarify, the P4K has the same sensor as the GH5S, not the GH5.

    Also, you can use the Speed Booster XL on a M43 sensor to get a (roughly) APS-H field of view, which is slightly larger than APS-C.

    While it uses the same sensor, the P4K does not currently have any 4:3 recording modes. 

    aaghh that's so disappointing the Black magic doesn't have 4:3 mode! I love the cameras ease of use and the ability to preload LUTs and shooting in prores in camera without a recorder. Unreal for it to not have anamorphic compatibilities. Also i love the fact that is has a true stills mode that takes a screen grab of whatever you're recording video as, and doesn't revert to something else like the Canon 5D does. 
    I desperately want to be able to take stills of my anamorphic images as de-squeezed 2.66 pics straight in-camera, or at the least, a squeezed image that I can manually unsqueeze in post by 2X using batch captures in photoshop

    So all in all it's only the GH5 /GH5s that has a built-in multi-aspect ratio sensor in micro4/3  -- a Magic Lantern'd Canon 5Diii is the only one for full frame camera -- and there doesn't appear to be one in apsC or apsH?? Please confirm. 

    This video basically proves that for my intentions, doing anamorphic via 16x9 is pointless, since it is impossible to capture the true height VFOV that one does on a 4:3 mode whether it be micro 4/3, FF, or even 4 perf 35mm film 

    So now I know that 4:3 mode is required to get 2.66:1 and that I cannot get to attain the widest focal lengths of traditional 35 cinema lenses, such as the 25mm or 35mm focal lengths, unless I'm attaching my 2X anamorphic front adaptor onto either ApsC lenses + using a speed adaptor (to retain their orginally intended field of views) or simply just use micro 4/3 lenses on their given format??? Please confirm or redefine my conclusion if any of this is incorrect

    Two quick clarifications: A speed booster is NOT required to fit apsC lenses onto micro4/3 camera mounts??... what I mean is, it does allow them to fit/mount AND with the added benefit of retaining their original field of view?
    Secondly-- do these 35mm front element anamorphic adaptors even attached/fit onto Micro 4/3 lenses in the first place? In other words, is this even an option?

  17. 7 minutes ago, dhessel said:

    Yes, that is basically the concept of a speed booster. A speed booster takes a larger format lens and allows you to attach it to a smaller format camera. It then strinks the image circle of the larger format lens to better fit the smaller sensor and in the process the image gets brighter. In order for this to work the flange focal distance of the lens needs to be much larger than the flange focal distance of the camera in order to fit the optics required inside. 

    So for the GH5 it has a FFD of 18 or 20mm and you can get a speed booster for EF mount lenses which has an FFD of 44mm and with the speed booters that are available today they can take the image circle of an APS-C EF mount lens and shrink it down to fit the M43 sensor of the GH5 maintaining the depth of field, field of view and adding an addition 1+ stops of brightness.

    hmmm so is there a speed booster to even go from FF EF lenses down to Panasonic GH5 or Black Magic?
    Does this new black magic 4k camera have all the same multi-aspect ratio sensor options as the GH5??? I'd rather go with this camera instead if so

    Also-- any word on how the Fuji X-T3 + Atomos Ninja V external recorder option would work?? I rather go from FF lenses down to apsC than FF down to m4/3rds

    Regardless--  of either m43 or the apsC options  -- I just need clarification of whether using a speed booster will or will not increase my focal length widths available compatibility without vignetting  while using the 2x front adaptor
    cause FF lenses start can't go wider then 50mm, but it I can suddenly go wider to 25mm on FF lenses due to a smaller sensor size and speed booster combo onto a smaller camera format (as if I were using apsC or m43 lenses on those given formats) then then would be incredible and solve my problem


  18. 4 hours ago, DBounce said:

    Or you can use a Fuji X-T3 with a Atomos Ninja V for desqeezing the image and recording the 10 Bit signal.


    This sounds promising....can you unpack how this workflow would go? Would I be using my x2 anamorphic front adaptor atop my FF lenses (on this smaller apsC sensor) which is set to 16x9 mode? Or would I need to get ApsC lenses instead?

    Can you describe the crop/sqeeze option modes that are readily available in camera for this model?


    3 hours ago, dhessel said:

    The speedbooster basically will make the m43 sensor into aps-c size sensor while giving you about one additional stop of brightness in the image.

    Also I am not really aware of any cinema prime Anamorphic lenses in EF mount, that could be an issue for both the cannon and speedbooster options.

    hmmm so these speed  boosters are used in conjunction with m43 lenses or with larger format lenses  (like apsC or FF) to then theoretically squeeze in more FOV to create a larger APSC size?

    Is there anything in reverse? Like could I used FF lenses with some sort of speed booster attachment on a smaller sensor size format -- thus I'd just be shooting down the center of the barrel and not using the entire image circle of the lens? Sort of like when then use LF lense on a smaller 35mm cinema camera. 

    If i'm stuck with having to buy an additional camera since it's my only option which provides these features... I rather not also have to invest in purchasing an enitre new set of lenses for that format too.

  19. 7 hours ago, padam said:

    No. You essentially have a 1DX with crop factor modes like a 1.3x APS-H Cinema 4k MJPEG mode and a 1.5x s35mm 1080p ALL-I mode (and fake 1080p 60p FF) with unlimited recording and C-Log. That's all.

    You need to crop in further on the 1.3x crop C4k (losing a lot of information in the process) and de-squeeze it manually. This camera is not meant to use like that in today's age.

    No, there is absolutely no hack on the 1DX, and there will never be.

    Well I know that with any/all cameras that have a 4:3 mode that can get set to 1.3 or 2x squeeze -- you do have to manually desqueeze in post.

    But nonetheless this 1DC doesn't even have a 4:3 mode (at any resolution or crop factor), let alone an in camera desqueeze display option for monitoring in camera. Dang.
    Please confirm/clarify.

    What is the best camera out there in the DSLR lineups of brands that give this option: 4:3 mode, x2 squeeze, and in camera dequeeze display for monitoring on the liveview?

    Really wish a Fuji camera (apsC or medium format) has this option, but other brands will do as well. Yet, Do not like the idea of going to a smaller sensor size that ApsC.
    Perhaps my ML'd 5Diii still is the best option... since it does have all these options and shoots at 14bit raw at 2.66 in 3.5K....I believe it still gives a working liveview while recording... but I don't know if you can take Stills while set on this Video mode... likely it would just revert to 16x9 stills (which is SO dumb)

    If I were to go smaller then ApsC... does that new Black Magic camera coming out around $1200 have these shooting options?

    I just really love the Fuji color science and/or the Canon Picture profile options in camera 


  20. 3 minutes ago, DBounce said:

    The Red Weapon fits this description and has anamorphic modes. As does the Arri Alexa and others. You said the best.

    hehe yes I did. Well how about we say... the best option in the prosumer market. Or maybe any options in the prosumer markets at this point will do to fit the bill

  21. 6 minutes ago, dhessel said:

    Yep as stated above no such camera exists. GH4 or GH5 with a speed booster is as close as you will get.

    Are you sure the MIII has a 2x squeeze mode? That is news to me as I didn't think any Canon camera could do s 2x desqueeze. Are you using Magic lantern?

    Good to know. May you explain to me what a speed booster does in that whole equation of doing anamorphic squeezes on a 16x9 mode??

    Yeah ML does allow you to shoot at 3.5k with a 2x squeeze on a 4:3 mode-- which does grant my desired 2.66:1 aspect ratio BUT it's not punching in on the sensor to a physically smaller crop size to mimic the exact mm size of the tinier negative of 4 perf 35mm... therefore, all the full frame lenses attached to this camera will vignette quite quickly and you can't go very wide... maybe not even as wide as 50mm.... so to me, that seems entirely pointless because you can't actually use the full range of focal lengths of an anamorphic cinema prime set. 

    Of course-- anyone please do chime in, if in fact, I am wrong on that-- Honestly, I hope I am since I've already got the camera and FF lenses... so if I could go wider angle and simply buy an adapter then I'd be good to go. 

    This issue is why i'm thinking if a larger format FF camera has a 4:3 option on a super35 mode, The combination will allow for my wider angles to not vignette and then I don't even have to purchase a smaller format camera along with it's own set of lenses 

  22. Does the 1DC have a 4:3 mode for using in conjunction with either the s35 mode and a x2 anamorphic squeeze???

    If I can get an uncropped 2.66 anamorphic image (in both stills and video mode) with it in 4k -- then this camera will be for me

    Please confirm.
    Looking to use my FF lenses with a x2 anamorphic front element attached onto them and then use this lens setup while on a s35/ apsC sensor crop mode so that I can actually utilize the wider FF lens focal lengths of 35mm and 25mm~basically shooting right down the middle of the barrel since not the entire FFVV sensor will be used.

    of course, maybe also using the 16x9 mode with this lense setup will work too but I would need to know what the uncropped aspect ratio will be if I use my 2x adaptor and also how wide a focal length I could go on that sensor size.

    Also random note-- does the MagicLantern 1DX hack actually work on the 1DC since they are very similar cameras???  Reason I ask is because I do know ML does provide all the anamorphic mode functions I do need for this desired setup

  23. There are no APSc cameras that have a 4:3 mode???

    Does the Canon 1DC have a 4:3 modes?? I know my ML'd Canon 5diii does have a 4:3 with x2 squeeze option BUT it does NOT have a s35 mode, in order to crop into the sensor and therefore allow me to use wider FF lenses for that format, such as a 35mm or 25mm, without vignetting.

    I'm basically trying to find a rig that has 4:3 and 2x squeeze, but will allow me to get to those wider focal lengths without the vignetting... so I figured an apsC camera would do the trick (since it's closest to cinema 35mm) 

    other options like the Letus anamorphic adaptor won't work -- though it does allow to go as wide as 21mm on apsC, it's only a 1.3x squeeze and thus cannot capture 2.66...
    I presume this setup is on a 16x9 mode as well and that is what you are referring to? I don't understand why one would go from a 2.40 image captured on a 16x9 mode into a 4:3 cropped/shaped image?

  24. I'm going to buy a 2X anamorphic adaptor to derive the traditional 4 perf uncropped 2.66:1 aspect ratio. 

    So-- which DSLRs, whether starting at apsC or at FF (but that provide a s35 mode), have a 4:3 mode and anamorphic x2 squeeze/display option??? And obviously... 10bit is ideal.

    I'd really like to get a Fuji like the X-T3, but i'm unsure if this camera has these anamorphic function modes, to even be in consideration. In other words, if I am going to buy an additional camera... like an apsC, it's gotta be a really good investment with all the appropriate custom user settings to properly monitor in camera and record in these modes to attain true uncropped 2.66  

    Does the Canon 1DC have a 4:3 mode combined with it's 4k or s35 modes???

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