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  1. How did you record in 48p? is this in VFR in 8 bit, or did you record the anamorphic mode and crop in post? Not seeing 48p 10bit as a native S35 or Full Frame option
  2. Please share!! Just migrated over to the S1H from the pocket 6k's (missed that IBIS + EVF from my GH5) and this is some of the best base looks I've seen. Would love to test the lut out/give feedback/but it if that's something you're open to
  3. So this video is great, and idk if anybody watched the original ProAV QA video, but it's full of info. Basically: the R5 CAN handle non-oversampled 4k in 24p/30p without thermal limits, and the R6 CANNOT. It will overheat after ~40 min because it's oversampling the 5.5k sensor.
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