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  1. So maybe it would be possible that in a few weeks or months time, we will see Canon posting a service note and state that if you take your camera to an authorized service center, they can perform "an upgrade" for x amount of money so that such limitations may be lifted. It would be similar to the updates we have seen in other cameras (or was it Canon itself as well?) that you paid an amount of money to have a feature upgrade such as support for an specific codec. So when Canon eventually drops the price of the camera, voila! it will be able to charge the same amount! To be honest though,
  2. I think that at least the last part of the article is super enthousiastic to the limits of sentimental. First of all, while a sensor is typically a chip, it is not the same process as the one used for microprocessors. As such do not expect to see the same processes and especially make such comparisons. On the other hand, even if someone were to make an analogy, 180nm is Pentium 4 era (that is 2000 to 2008) and 65nm is Core 2 era (2006 - 2011). I have to stress again though that this does not compare!! The processes are different and sensors have a lot of analogue stuff that are not in micropro
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