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  1. Even ignoring the obvious difference in DOF, the grading of the two clips isn't matched. Without access to the original files, the comparison is meaningless.
  2. Whatever the cameras may be capable of in professional hands, the company is marketing them to amateurs. That's the basis of its volume sales, which in turn makes the low price possible. No offense to the shooter above, but I think BMD is offering footage which many people will look at and think, "I could do that". Even the Brawley stuff was shot under highly restricted conditions. It's not how he would light or block a dramatic or fashion shoot. Give 'em credit: this approach is more honest than usual. A demo with production value far beyond the resources of likely buyers doesn't reveal an awful lot.
  3. What exactly did you see? I didn't look at all of it, but the stuff the company posted is impossible to evaluate -- lots of cool slow motion and ramps, shots which last 1.5 seconds, shots without stable horizontal or vertical references, etc. Ronin-S can't change the laws of physics or make for better skilled operators....
  4. Yes, I'm a deluded clairvoyant (BMPCC youtube forever, jon!) who wouldn't know 3-strip Technicolor if it painted his driveway. It might be better to return to pointless speculation about an unreleased product, as there won't be agreement on this matter, or even on what constitutes current color grading norms.
  5. Call it what you like, but it's a low contrast/low saturation style which resembles log footage -- and which has since become common in both low budget and higher end feature film material. I don't know what Jon Pais objected to it, but does anyone really expect to see professionally graded footage routinely posted on youtube and similar (and as seen on an uncalibrated computer screen?)
  6. I agree they're not identical, but the way in which you've processed the raw files doesn't, as I see it, reveal much about the color science of the camera. I don't think you'd need a BMD camera to achieve the log look you have here. Then again, maybe it's my eyes. It's impossible to say whether that stolen BMPCC 4K footage from NAB means anything for what actually gets shipped, but you had people critiquing the color as if it were normalized rec 709. To me, it was plainly some variant of log, which required processing and color shifts.
  7. When the Pocket was reviewed a few years ago on Provideo Coalition, I believe it measured a full 1920x1080, or very close to it, with charts supplied to back up the claim -- with the usual caveat that you will see moire at the far end. Do you have better information? As for the color in your sample -- sorry, but to my eyes, it looks like barely graded log footage. And, given the lighting and shooting style, it's Impossible to assess much of anything, unless the object is to achieve just that -- an unlit log look. But, in that case, any number of cameras can produce much the same.
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