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  1. Actually, I just changed the hard drive caddy I was using to read the drive and it worked fine. Must have been a dodgy one.
  2. I think it's formatted in the format. I format the drive in the recorder. I'm on OS Catalina and 1 generation old MacBook Pro.
  3. When I format my hard drive in the Atomos Ninja V my mac can't write to it. It records fine but I can't write things to it like LUTs or firmware updates. If I format the drive in the computer then it works normally but can't be read by the recorder. This has happened on both SSD's I've got for the recorder. Ideas?
  4. Solved it.. When shooting at ISO 100 on video it sets clipping at 80IRE for some reason..
  5. I was getting clipping at 80 IRE last time I used my ninja V recorder with an eos R. No LUT applied shooting canon log and prores 422 10 bit. Any ideas why?
  6. I wonder why they do that? That's what it looks like to me, blacks are crushed but can be drawn out later and still, it's where I'd have taken the log footage anyway. Does this mean it doesn't really record log footage? It's pretty confusing..
  7. I'm seeing something similar on the Canon Eos R. Shooting Canon log, it seems like canon log looks closer to neutral profile on the recorder.
  8. If the sensor is 36mm wide and there's a 1.75 crop on 4K doesn't that make it a 21mm wide chip which is only about 12 percent smaller than a super 35mm chip. Am I missing something?
  9. What's the equivalent sensor size of the EOS R in 4K crop mode? How does this compare to super 35mm film and the Canon C series?
  10. And there it is. If specs are most important to you: Don't buy Canon, if a good image is important to you: Buy Canon.
  11. BTW.. shouldn't your tagline be: 4K is for people who's clients ask for 4K?
  12. Yes, it's not quite the camera we were hoping for, nothing from Canon ever is but it's a way better camera than the specs may suggest. 480MB data rate at 4K too..
  13. Yes it's not ideal but it's not something that I think will be a problem in real world usage. You do have to just pick your poison though: Sony, color isn't so good, AF isn't as good, tonality for me and "thickness" is lacking, Panasonic GH5 which I used to have, bad color, over sharp in a digital way, BMPC footage hasn't bowled me over, Canon R rolling shutter and no 60p in 4K. C100, no 4K, C200, great but expensive and big, C300 same as before, Alexa, big and heavy and a bit slow to work with, Red, don't like the footage and un reliable and expensive.. All of these are just my opinions of course, there's no good or bad color or tonality, it's just preference and these are my preferences.
  14. I guess you pick your poison. I've not had an issue with it. Depends on what kind of hand held, I generally don't wave it around in front of vertical structures, that would be a problem but in real world use it's not been a problem.
  15. I used to have the C100 and now the R and it's not soft. It's like a small C100 that does 4K. No 60p in 4K which sucks but you can't even get 60p in HD in the C100. Huge upgrade to the C100 to me.
  16. I think this camera is a disaster, except for the fact that it makes the best looking footage. Best color, best tonality, but the specs are terrible. I guess if all you care about is the best looking footage then it's great.
  17. Hi, first post.. So how do people review footage on set? I'm currently shooting GH5 1080p footage which is really slow playback on macbook pro.
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