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  1. Haha interesting into which direction this discussion is leading ? But developing a UI or something would be the easier part. Where did u get this information from? On the linked website it says max. 19fps. I'm using the GH5 in the first place because I have already access to it to check if the concept works out. But if it does, upgrading to a better suiting camera might be an option of course.
  2. I just had a look at these camera, there are no price tags but they are looking like industrial cameras which are quite costly I suppose? To the Sonys and Panasonics I have access already and since it's only a small project, the investment probably won't be worth-it, at least not in the first stage. If the idea works out well it might be possible to change the system but for the beginning it would be the best to go with the GH5 I think. Yes, that's exactly the plan. Interesting though that you experienced something like that already hehe
  3. Yes it can write to the computer, but I'm not sure if mplayer could play it that way? Anyway, I think the FlashAir solution would be the better one if it works as planned. I will try it out and see.
  4. Hey @BTM_Pix, you got the problem right. I don't understand how your first solution is supposed to work? If I got you right you want to use this Keyboard Maestro App basically for remote controlling the Mac and run the tether app on it? The problem ist, that the tether app has no feature for video playback included. And transferring the file and playing it back afterwards just takes too much time. But your solution with the Toshiba Air sounds really interesting, I'm just wondering if the transfer rate ist high enough. But let's see, I have just ordered the W-04 card and will try it out. Are you sure that it can be used as typical network drive? The only information I found so far is that it can be mounted as a WebDAV drive, but that should work as well I think.
  5. Okay maybe the problem was not so much the processing but if you transfer the video completly before processing that would take too much time already. But your idea sounds interesting. So basically you say I should use the file stream and play it back directly? That would be an interesting alternative if the transferrates are high enough and of course if the codec can be streamed. And the the slowing down playback would not be needed anymore because I that case I can just use the video from the GH5 which can slow down internally, so only a normal speed playback would be needed. If @BTM_Pix doesn't find a better solution I will have a look at it.
  6. Yes I have subscribed already And thank you so much for trying to find a solution!
  7. Yeah that's what I thought as well. The problem is we only have A7sII and A7III cameras, and they can't produce proper slow motion video. They only create high frame rate video files, which u need to slow down manually in software. But since the playback should start immediatly after recording, I want to avoid processing the videofile. Then also a slow machine like a raspberry probably wouldn't have enough processing power for slowing down the footage fast enough. And the GH5 delivers exactly what I need, the only problem is the video playback ?
  8. The idea is to build a "slow motion box". The user inside the box hits a button connected with some sort of computer (Raspberry Pi i.e.) and the camera starts recording for a certain amount of time (some seconds). Afterwards the user should watch the playback of the recorded footage. The problem is that transferring the file to the computer after recording takes too much time because it needs to record in a high quality codec for slow motion and the transfer rate is too slow. Usually a file of some 100 mb is created and transferring it even via USB-tethering takes 30secs and more which is way too long. So my idea is to trigger the playback of the recorded footage in-camera and output it via HDMI from the camera to a TV. I don't see any way to achieve this yet.
  9. Hey guys, I'm working on a project for which I need to start the video playback from the gh5 itself. I'm wondering if there is any possibility to do that. The original Panasonic App only offers playback on the phone/computer, but the built-in screen from the camera stays black, so I guess it is not possible. But if you have any other information or know a way how I could achieve remote in-camera playback, it would be great.
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