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  1. I am an indie filmmaker, I shot my first feature on Sony HVR-FZ 1, back in 2009 and a year later Canon 5D disrupted the market. We toiled hard to get over harsh video look and deep DOF of HVR Z1 and then 5D made us look like fools. Even though many known filmmakers appreciated the screenplay, but harsh video look was stumbling block. Then every other indie filmmaker was coming out with "cinematic" 5D, 7D footage and our film looked amateurish. That got me started with DSLR and understanding them. I was shooting Panasonic GH2 till last year and finally I got GH5. I was absolutely loved it. I though 10 bit is new standard for indie filmmakers now, especially those who can't afford raw. Just few months later Panasonic released GH5S, which is even more suited for my work. I didn't need IBIS more than low light capabilities. I was anyways juggling between between GH2 and rented A7SII and then GH5 and A7SII. When I heard they already had GH5s in mind even before the launch of GH5, I felt cheated. Panasonic like any other camera manufacturer was trying to exploit market. I am Panasonic fanboy since Panasonic DVX100 days. And then comes BPCC 4K, it gives 12 bit raw, which even Panasonic EVA 1 can't deliver. If it has same or similar sensor as GH5s, I don't need A7Sii. I hardly go over 10,000 ISO even on AS7sii. And it is cheap. It will force Camera manufactures to reduce price on cameras like Canon C200, EVA 1, Sony F7 and F5. IMO Raw will be new indie film-making standard, if not already and 10 bit will be new prosumer standard. It may have lots of issues, but I won't shooting another indie on anything less than 12 bit raw. If budget permits I will go for C200 or even better. But in worst case scenario there is always BPCC 4k to fall back upon. Point is BPCC 4k will disrupt the indie film-making landscape just as Canon 5D did back then.
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