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  1. just read your answer. thanks! my sankor 16c just arrived from the post office. i see rapido has the fmj for this lens, plus this ana lens surely can be adapted to a 77mm filter clamp. so I assume rapido fvd + sankor 16c will be a feasible run and gun setup. am i right? (or will lens/rail support still come into play?)
  2. Glorious! Must take some professional practice, but I wish rare lenses like this could multiply like loaf and bread so there's enough to go around for those wishing for it!
  3. i think the picture of the rig answers it, but can the rapido paired with say a 500 g ana lens, lend itself to portability?
  4. these are sold out. where can anyone buy one?
  5. Monitors can desqueeze, although i have no experience as yet with them.
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