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  1. Hi, What kind of filters did you use to "render" AF unavailable ? As per my knowledge, only on low light it malfunction, but here you have a lot of light. And yes, some frames looks a bit too colored.
  2. For me, I think that NX1 has found a match. On paper the specs are semblables. Your video is on par with other amazing ones made with NX1 - but just being available almost 4 years early this give to NX1 an immense advantage. And based on what we can see in internet, without professional tools to compare footage with identical scenes / same time, the final result is subjective. So, I like my NX1 performance more than this X-T2, and I have it for a year now! From your video, a frame not so well encoded.
  3. GiM_6x

    NX2 rumors

    It is clear that Samsung show its muscles. At least from time to time. It is clear that Samsung is not much interested in a photo/movie CAMERA industry as we think it should be - since he has nobody to compete with ( !!! ), but this is where he show what he can really do, since as always a "regular" photo camera is something more serious compared with a smartphone camera. Not that its smartphones cameras are not the best in the smartphone industry. I am sure these specs, what we call right now NX2, will materialise in a real camera, but is not necessary to be produced and distributed as we want or believe it should be, it may be a limited edition as NX1, it may be a super-limited edition - not public - as for R&D show to prove its capabilities (or just its toys as someone said), it is clear politics, and not the last to show that NX line is not dead - but is not the kind of company as Canon/Nikon/Sony who make few cameras each year with so little increase in specs that only the "professional line" clients will follows each step. I do like / love this at Samsung, every few years a real new product, some real increase in performances, for real photo lovers. I bought NX1 last year + 16-50.S, not for Samsung name/line (also I believe in this name), but for NX1 specs/performance/price, and I am not a photo pro, the money invested are a sort of loss for me, but I will enjoy the photos/movies I did and will do with this camera. I will ad one-two lense(s), Samsung will repair if needed (lets hope not!), and since I am an older photo sinner (yeah, 6x), for an NX2 (or whatever the name) I can trade my wife (yes, I know, Samsung will not like / want her ), but at least I can try :-).
  4. GiM_6x

    NX2 rumors

    You said: "There is a PCIe 3.0 x2 bus left if they decide to add something like a CFexpress card-slot,..." That is just perfect, Samsung has an extremely performant memory card as 2TB PRO 860 SSD in M.2 connector (PCIe 3.0), much like any SD card but could be up to 2-3 times longer, with xGB/s transfer rates so I presume even 4k60 in RAW will be easy to write on it. All I can say is WOW and hope it will be!
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