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  1. Here is a short clip. video-1523292868.mp4
  2. Yeah, ive done. But he doesnt show the selected speed after returning
  3. Hey, i have some issues with my "Samsung Tab2" and my "Panasonic Lumix G70". Camera is connected and under control by your app. Ure App is installed and running, but i cant release the script by pushing the bracket button. In your Screenshot is also a shutter number which doesnt appear after selecting. Seems to be an andriod problem... I have also tried your other App, after pushing the bracket Button it says Bad Argument. But if i push the Start Button in the upper corner, my cam starts shooting. I have activated electronic shutter, but it only goes +-7ev with 1/3 stops. Tomorrow i can give it another try with my old HTC Android phone. Best regards from germany Micha
  4. wow! Dude! How? impressive, i would try it? If this really going well, then u should go public with it!
  5. Hey wizards, im interested in "Auto Brackets" and changing or setting up the exposure from +-3 ev to a higher Number like +-7ev or +-9ev. I can go manualy and change it everytime by hand, but there must be an better solution. For shooting high dynamic range spheres etc. . Canon has the magic latern Firmware, which can set the exposure value up to +-10ev. Any suggestions? Best regards from germany Micha
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