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  1. @A Furry PeanutHi! Just read your question about speedbooster and aperture. I own the same lens (sigma 35 ART), and I love it. I tested yesterday at the shop a speedbooster XL with my GH5. I went to the same question... first I saw on youtube a guy testing a canon 50 1.4 lens. He could go to 1.2 aperture, not below. On my test with the sigma I only could go to 1.4. it's disturbing me. I have two choices... either buying a voigtlander 25mm or the speedbooster (I own other EF lenses). So here is my question: can you tell me if you think you are reaching 0.95 aperture or not. Because for the price of the speedbooster, it's not good for me if I can't use the full aperture. Sorry for my bad english. and thank you for answering me. Damien
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