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  1. Hello Ricardo, Please can you give me the name of the song.
  2. Hello, I have a question about the EOSHD PROLOG ProColor -1 and EOSHD PROLOG ProColor +1 luts from my EOSHD-Pro-Color 3 Premium-Bundle. I use the Pro Log cinema for my Sony A6300. Just because I have more flexibility after. Now I want to reach the same color as the EOSHD Pro Color 3.0. Now in the Lut Pack I find EOSHD PROLOG ProColor -1 and EOSHD PROLOG ProColor +1. But not for a proper exposed footage. What I did in color finale is using both luts the -1 and the +1 lut together and both 50% than I created a new lut with color finale. Did I do the right thing or is there a better way to get the lut with a proper exposed footage. Last question why is there not a proper Pro Color 3 lut already in the library. Thank's in advance and greatings Richard
  3. If you use DPP from Canon you will be able to load the profile. So you will be able to use it with RAW pictures
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