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  1. thanks I will try the Sigma 30MM art lens
  2. I tried Davinci Resolve version 14.2 (downloaded for free) and Selected the CinemaScope option for the pixel aspect and seemed to look good. I was left with a 16:9 formatted version with 3328 x 2496 image resolution properties. The 16:9 gives a 1.79 ratio very close to the aivascope 1.75 squeeze. I will try a few more test clips with some relative measurement references in the shot. I still having to work on a better taking lens configuration for the GH5
  3. How did you do you desqueeze the 1.75 crop factor from your anamorphic lens. What settings did you use in premier interpret footage drop down to expand the horizontal dimension?. My personal experience has been frustrating in that this software I have tried even in after effects does not allow for a custom expansion ratio only 1.33, and 2.0
  4. Another question on stretching from a first time anamorp video maker: when used the GH5 in anamorphic mode 4:3 4K 30p capture , I can open the file in adobe premiere elements and change the pixel aspect ration form a menu of fixed choices to Anamorphic 2:1. The resultant file seems OK on playback and has the properties: 3328:2496. The dimensions of the final file don't seem to be correct given the proper measurement you quote for 3328:1426. The horizontal is Ok but the vertical pixel height is off. Any suggestions ? is this a consequence of the 2:1 stretch when is should be 1.75 for aivascope or am I OK ?
  5. I am a new aviascope user and was wondering if someone could give me advice on how to desqueze the image shot on a GH5 and 4:3 format with the anamorphic mode selected.? can i just select the 2 x compression desqueeze or do I need a custom option for the 1.75 factor form the aivascope ?
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