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  1. I just bought a Tascam DR22WL and its great, absolutely no digital noise
  2. I just bought a new SD card - exactly the same problem: ticking at about 3.5 Hz and continuous soft buzz at approx 1kHz. I'm going to buy either the Zoom H6 if I can trust another Zoom, or the Tascam DR40 unless anyone can suggest a cheaper simpler one, bearing in mind I only need mono recording.
  3. Thanks to all. I was using an ext mic, but the digital noise is there with ext mic or its own mics. tupp what problems were you having?
  4. Thanks for that info. Really all I need is a recorder to record single channel mono (I don't even need stereo), but what is important is that there is absolutely no digital noise on the sound as there was with the Zoom H1. There must be no recorded noise other than the quantising noise which for 16 bits will be -96dB, and of course the mic hiss.
  5. I bought a Zoom H1 sound recorder for film sound. It has a soft continuous noise at about 1kHz and a ticking sound at about 2.5Hz. It is the same whether using its own mics or with an external mic.This is when it is switched to WAV which is what I would always use because MP3 is inferior. This is very disappointing. Can anyone recommend a portable sound recorder which is free of this problem?
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