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  1. I have to agree with you. Thank you for the explanations.
  2. without filter nd. As I do not have a gray card, I tried with a gray shirteoshd pro color, setting wb with a tshirt. Eoshd pro colour auto wb without eoshd pro colour, wb auto eoshd pro colour with manual wbwithout eoshd pro colour with same manual wb Canon 60d standart with wb auto it seems difficult for me to maintain a real white and at the same time use eoshd settings
  3. thanks for the quick response. This photo is horrible. but I'm doing new tests now with sunlight. I'm with a 60d canon in standart mode wb auto next to the sony a7s trying to get manually to the white of the canon or real white, but it's impossible. the sony white is always dyed yellow or green. something?
  4. hello, first tests with the configuration and wb tips in the a7s and already want my money back. the image is smoky and greens more horrible than pp off. Any help?
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