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  1. A few years ago before this Crop_rec module I just import the dng into Lightroom, color grade them and export to a sequence of JPEGs. Then I import them to Premiere Pro for further editing.
  2. Thanks Jimmy, will get one to try asap, can't wait.
  3. I Thanks. Are you talking about aspect ratio?
  4. Thanks a lot for your great help. For the "crop" what I want to know is the the crop ratio in FOV, for example if I use a 50mm lens, what is the approximate FOV after using the setting of 3520 x 1320? Does ratio of 2.351 mean the 50mm lens becomes a 117.5mm lens? I once had a 5D3, but sold it for a 1D-C 2 years ago for 4K, now is thinking to switch back to 5D3 if I can have resolution of around 3K. I need capacity for color correction as I shoot underwater. BTW, is the live view really that poor with this module? Gray scale is fine for me. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. May I know the crop of this resolution? Is that possible to achieve higher resolution if I just need less than 20 seconds of shooting and 10 bit raw only? I am thinking about using it underwater, it is rare to have a clip more than 20 seconds.
  6. May I know the highest resolutions that can be achieve with 5D Mark III with crop not more than 2x? 25p is enough for me. I have been trying to search for this info in Magic Lantern forum, thanks.
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