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  1. I just got a XC15 and I haven't yet figured out the best way to expose when using Canon Log. I know that middle grey should be at 32 IRE but the on-screen waveform monitor is quite small, so I'm not sure if that's the best way. If I put the camera in shutter priority mode, set it at 1/48 (I'm shooting at 24 fps) and ISO 500, will the camera correctly auto expose for the best results in log? Or should I over expose by two stops? Thanks...and I promise to read more of the thread to answer more of these questions myself!
  2. I don't work at Canon but I could imagine they've decided it's a good strategy for them because it enables them to make their low-end camera cheaper and doesn't cannibalize sales of higher end cameras. Also, what other full frame DSLRs do 4k? I can't think of one off the top of my head. The A7 II doesn't; the D750 doesn't; is there one that does? Perhaps Canon thinks it's more important to maintain a sub-$2k price point then to include video features that they think their target audience (i.e., full frame still photographers) won't want.
  3. Canon has decided that they are not interested in the DSLR video market. They put limited video features in their mirrorless, point and shoot, and SLRs but it's just for low-end use. (Perhaps with the exception of the 5D4.) It's pretty clear that they divide their product range: if you want high quality video, you're directed to the Cinema EOS line. I don't think that any amount of complaining on Internet forums is going to change this as apparantly it seems to have been a good strategy for Canon.
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