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  1. I can confirm that the sigma 30mm f1.4 art gets very minimal to no vignetting when using it on my sony a7sii in video mode, I use it a fair bit with the a7sii (there is little bit more vignetting in 4:3 photos though)
  2. I would like a "affordable" dual pixel af camera (in Australia the c200 is $11,500 and 5dmk iv is $4900). I would honestly be fine with the c100 mkii if it's af point wasn't fixed in the centre. the 80d 1080p is more like moire and alising 720p mush, with no clean hdmi or c-log option. if canon made a mirrorless camera at the $3000 mark that competed with the a7sii I would happily (could be a 12mp 4k 80d shooting 30p mjpeg with c-log and clean hdmi out). maybe canon will update the c100 mkiii to shoot 30p 4k mjpeg for $4000 in 12months. but I'm not getting my hopes up (although by that time I hope to be able to buy a higher end camera anyway. although I keep investing in lighting and lenses. so I'm usually out of cash). My logic is that I like canon cameras, and would love to go back to using them. but I can't afford the c200 and can't justify going back to canons 1080p (if it was atleast sharp like d750 that might be alright. not sure if it offers clean hdmi out).
  3. You don't patch in 4k if the hardware isn't capable. but I suspect it will be using much the same (or updated) internals as the 5d. chances are the 6d mkii is more than capable of 4k but canon will choose to limit it software wise (and not for the first time). I currently own the a7sii and blackmagic pocket camera (I've been aware of the jvc 300 for some time, it still lacks auto-focus like the c200. I would sooner buy a secondhand 4.6k ursa mini). For gimbal and glidecam shots I don't always have a 1st ac and wireless follow focus on set, so I'll often end up using the sony for it's 1080p face detect auto-focus (even though I prefer the look of the blackmagic). Very few people are buying 5dmk iv for video, it's mainly photographers. putting 4k in the 6d will have very little effect on 5d sales as most people buying the 5d are photographers (video people like myself ended up picking up the sony a7sii in the same price range). saying including the same 4k in the 6d as the 5d would cut 2/3 the buyers off the 5d is suggesting that 2/3 the people buying the 5dmk iv are doing so for video, which seems unlikely. however canons cheaper cameras like the 80d have a very large video user base and a 1.6x crop 4k on the 6d mkii could extend that user base.
  4. I honestly would have been happy to buy a 6dmk ii if they had just included the same video features as the 5d mkiv (1.6x crop with the 24mp sensor, c-log update, Mjpeg 4k). paying $3500 for those features in a 5d mkiv is too steep a price. but $2000 for a 6d mkii shooting the same 4k as the 5d mkiv makes more sense (plus articulating screen), but they didn't include it (although I suspect it could easily be patched in with firmware update). The c200 is an amazing camera. but it's in a completely different price point (and size), and the c100 lacks 4k or a movable auto-focus point (and missing a touchscreen). Canons DPAF is the main draw of there cameras for me, otherwise what sony, panasonic, blackmagic are doing seems far ahead at the same price point. If I could afford a c200 I wouldn't decide not to buy it because the 6d mkii had 4k, the c200 would still have built in nds, RAW, Xlr, form factor, evf........ect. I don't understand canons thinking about not including 4k (even crippled 4k) in the 6d mkii
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