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  1. Real World. More and more people are doing more with their cameras. Some of us want to size down. What's in my bag. Drone, 5d3, g7x II, lenses...(dedicated video camera?) Travelling with so much is cumbersome. I'm not getting a whole other body just for video. I only shoot canon and don't plan on switching because I like the lenses I have and have taken years to build up my collection. But I've thought about leaving for awhile now due to the lack of innovation and poor, poor DR in their sensors and crap video frame rates. My canon g7x mark I shoots 60fps at 1080. Its a few years old. This canon 6d mark II does the same and costs 4 times more. All my cinematic slo-motion clips on my travel videos use the g7x mark I because my canon 5d3 only does 30fps. SMH. :o All shot on canon except for the drone shots. Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/cha...
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