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  1. Where are my Rokinon anamorphics? It has been years since we know about them!
  2. Looks awesome but 1.33x it's useless for a real anamorphic look. I'm also disappointed by the mount selection, why not EF mount?
  3. I just found this test uploaded 9 hours ago with all the lenses. I think that I like the 40mm more than the 50mm hahaha.
  4. I'll be shooting a lot of interviews on tight spaces, but most of the content its outside (streets, hills, mountains), that's why my options are the 40mm or the 50mm, but for now I can't find any test to see the real difference on any practical situation. I've seen some close ups and portraits with the 40mm and for me they look really good, but I need to see some shots with the 50mm to compare
  5. Now I'm looking for some 50mm tests but its hard to find since the 50mm its from the new B set.
  6. Hi everyone! Im looking for some experiences with anamorphic focal lenghts. At this time I'm looking into the Atlas Orion series for a documentary project that I will start shooting next year. The problem is that this project it's a solo project. I will be shooting 2-3 days a month for maybe 8 to 12 months with the BMPCC 6K, and I "need" the anamorphic look. I have the budget to buy just one lens (rent it's not an option, and I'll probably gonna buy the rest of the set later) and I'm looking for the most versatile one. For now my favorite its the 40mm because its wide enough for general and portrait shots, but maybe someone has a better idea or better input on the other lenses?
  7. Thanks Laurier. I liked the A7RII, I had a shooting a few months ago with some Milvus glass and it was really great. Im buying used gear now and don't have access to a A7RII, but if something appears it will be my first option. Talking about glass I'm not really into autofocus. I really like manual lenses with a good follow focus. Now I have access to 3 Leica R lenses, and soon I want to buy 3 Zeiss Milvus. My options now are A7S + Shogun or A7SII alone. I think I'm going with the A7S + Shogun this time, and the when the A7S/R III comes out I'm thinking to sell the A7S body and buy the new one.
  8. Im between the A7S + Atomos Shogun (and then upgrade to the A7S III when it comes out. Or the A7S II without shogun. Im more tempted to go first with the first version (shogun + camera body its cheaper) and then upgrade, since I think the mark III it's coming out soon.
  9. I'm not attacking him because his age, my answer was for his reply, the reply sounds like an old grumpy man just putting words without any sense, just for trying to be grumpy. I respect and work with a lot of people older than me, and no one ever answer me like this guy. I even asked the same question to some directors and DPs and helped me a lot with a nice and kind approach. Let's finish this here, please. Also, of course I can do some Youtube/Vimeo search, BUT if I'm asking here is because I want to know the opinion of the people around here. I'm looking for "curated" content by users of this forum, people who makes videos and have nice opinions. For me at least this is a nice and different approach to just "looking on youtube".
  10. What's wrong with you angry old man? The other users replied with nice and good examples, and you? Take care of your heart, don't be that old angry guy. Thanks everyone for that awesome examples, it's always nice to check and share nice works. What im looking here is nice examples to share with my team and take references for color grading for this camera models. Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone, first post here. I'm looking over the internet for some cinematic examples (commercials, documentary, narrative, wild life, short films, whatever...) using the A7S and the A7R. Anyone knows some good examples? At least for me that "cinematic" look comes in first place from lenses, lights and color grading, and then from the camera, so thats why I'm searching for this kind of examples, because I want to pair a A7S/R with some Leica R glass. I was looking for the GH5 first, but the Sony is by far more popular in my kind of jobs, so by now it's not an option. Thanks in advance.
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