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  1. I have tried your steps but I can not deploy Cinelike D or V. Also I sent the command ( to the camera but even though I see AUTO ISO I don't think it actually works. Pointing at different lighting sources the ISO value on the screen does not change. Only the exposure meter (-3 to 3) changes accordingly for the given aperture/shutter speed values. And it does not persist. After turning the camera off/on the iso returns to the previous settings (125 to 25600) and no auto option available. The same happens if I
  2. Below you can see ALL settings for M Mode on my GX7. As you can see the cinelike modes do not appear anywhere, so that's why I can not enable them. BUT what might be useful is the auto iso option in M Mode (highlighted in red colour) which now is disabled and I think that it can be enabled but i do not know how to do it! Any help with that? Thank you. <camrply> <result>ok</result> <menuinfo model="GX7" version="2.0"> <mainmenu> <item id="menu_item_id_liveview_quality" enable="yes" value="vga"/> <ite
  3. Just tried several times but I can not get it to work. The Handbrake returns "err_non_support", connect replies "Ok" and no Cinelike profile can be loaded. Same as Hugues Canadaa above. Too bad. It would have been great but my camera seems to be rather old (or odd)...
  4. I signed in just to thank BTM_Pix and everyone else who have worked on this project. I do not own a GX80 (yet) but I believe that everyone should encourage people who spend their time to our benefit... P.S: By the way is there any chance for Cinelike to work on my GX7? Thank you!
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