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  1. Thanks BTM_Pix ! the gx80/85 owners would have a party with BTM_Pix's work , it's really a very significant update . for g80 it gives some extra possibilities but not so crucial at the moment ..... As an idea i would propose (if it's possible off course because i don't really understand how this hack is working ) if someone can takes a profile e.g. 709REC and add it straight to the camera combined to the existing profiles ..... as a G80 user I was swept away by reading from someone that can be achieved 200mbps as a video possibility and that would be huge upgrade to my g8
  2. i have the panasonic G80 and today i have tested some of the files are available and i will like to thank you for your effort , but, i would like to understand some things better . At my case (panasonic g80) which are the benefits ? e.g. i already have cinelike d & v . i came up to some troubles .....i used the extended iso at 80 iso but i could not recover it to the mainstream choices Also there are choices like 200mbps that there are not available , although , they exist at the files and create confusion about availability . could someone categorize these
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