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  1. Figured it all out after BTM_Pix's detailed instructions! Thanks for helping to take the time to troubleshoot and share this hack.
  2. AH, ok - the first speedbump is figured out. I wasn't going to Wi-Fi direct connect on my phone. The two devices are now directly connected via wifi and I was able to successfully initiate the handshake. However, I'm now receiving a 404 Page Not Found error when attempting to connect. Will continue to try and establish a connection via the web browser page.
  3. Apologies for my ignorance, I'm assuming it's within these first few steps that I'm making a mistake. In order to connect to my phone without using the app, I select my phone from device history under function. The specific function it's using is 'Upload Images from Camera'. The camera confirms connection. I then hit Handshake, and it doesn't respond in my phone browser. It begins loading and then hangs up and eventually reaches the timed out page. You mention turning on wifi on the camera and then connecting to the camera via my phone. I'm unaware of how to do this. Perhaps it's my wifi connection? May have to try a different network.
  4. Perhaps I'm doing this wrong then. So I first am connecting to my smartphone via the app (Android), once connected I am going to the browser on the phone and hitting Handshake. It then does one of two things. First, it's unresponsive and loading. Second, it tells me the connection has timed out. Any troubleshooting I can try? Thank you for the hack, btw. Very excited to use it.
  5. Attempted the hack with latest firmware running and I'm getting no response in the browser when hitting handshake.
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