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  1. Hey guys ! I am currently looking for an external monitor/recorder for my good old sony A7S to achieve 4k and hdr video using my Kowa 1.5 anamorphic lens. I have been using the A7S with an atomos shogun on a set for a couple of days (without anamorphic lens) and it performed well. Today i am more interested in the ninja inferno and am looking for some advices. I am aiming to get a more filmic look (how original :p) and was thinking ninja inferno for hdr / 2 xlr input / 4k and good monitoring. ...or should i just not get the ninja inferno and get a gh5 for the money ...? What do you guys think of this combo ? Any experiences with that kind of setup ? If have any advice, let me know ! Thanks
  2. How do you think a slr magic rangefinder would go with this kowa ?
  3. Don't forget to show us some footage !
  4. It looks like a great piece of glass. I m keeping my head up for one ! Is it somehow usable without a rangefinder though...?
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