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  1. Hello, need recommendation regarding variable nd filters, i have never used any nd filters before and dont know which will be better for my GH5 and pana/leica 12-60, and which has better quality I have to choose between this filters ,(price doesn't matter) no other options will be considered :))) its good idea to choose 180$ Marumi CREATION VARI. ND2.5-ND500 ? its expensive than others it will be better in quality as well ? http://www.marumi-filter.co.jp/en/product/03/ Marumi CREATION VARI. ND2.5-ND500 + Step-Ring 180$ -- http://www.kenkoglobal.com/photo/filters/series/variable_nd/ Kenko PL ND3-ND400 fader $147.28 -- http://www.kaiser-fototechnik.de/…/…/2_1_produktanzeige.asp… Vario Greyfilter ND2x – ND400x EUR 58,95 -- https://aurora-aperture.com/…/press-release-aurora-apertur…/ PowerXND 2000 ND 16 – 2000 (ND 1.2 – 3.3, or 4 – 11 stops) $123.00 -- http://www.haidaphoto.com/en/productsd.php?pid=450 Haida 62mm Variable ND Filter ND8 to ND1000 3 to 10 Stops PRO II-S MC Super 80 $ -- KANI HT PRO + MC ND2-400 Variable $170
  2. Hi, Going to buy GH5 and looking lens for overhead shooting videos Drawing,craft,how-to type (like on attached picture), moreover i am going to make outdoor videos travel, nature etc. Can you recommend lens which will be good for both purpose ? or better buy two lenses ? If so which one ? i have never had any camera, your help will be appreciated
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