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  1. I contacted to Zhiyun again and i requested a new crane. It seems it is not a simple software problem. I will wait and see.
  2. I still have the micro turning problem in the crane. I did everything but nothing happened. I contacted Zhiyun, they recommend me to balance it. I did it over and over but problem still goes on. I noticed that when the crane is in standby mode on a tripod without camera, it is turning 0.1 degree in every second in pan axis in the app. When i turn the crane on with the cam, this micro turning still occurs but pan axis value does not change in the app? What should i do?
  3. Thank you. I updated the FW but i still have the problem. There is a slight movement to the right in every mode.
  4. Hi,i just bought the crane 1 week ago and used today for the first time. Everything was working fine but i noticed a slow movement to the right or left in every mode. I saw someone on internet who faced the same problem and returned crane to the firm. I will try to update the firmware. Anybody has the same problem? What should i do?
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