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  1. Has anyone been able to get GH5 4k 50p (or 60p) to playback smoothly in Da Vinci resolve 14? I'm using an intel 5820k and GTX 970 based mac - and although the CPU and GPU usage are not maxed out (about 30-50% of max) the playback, even in the media preview section, is not smooth. Slightly oddly the reported frame rate is given as 50, with a green indicator, even though this visually is not the case. Using istatmenus the reported frame rate for the display as a whole is also around 50. The same file will playback fine outside of Resolve, e.g. with quicktime. I know I can use transcoded footage, e.g. using the optimised media option within Resolve, and this works fine, but it just seems like it should just work without doing this? Thanks.
  2. Following up Andrew's comment. Has anyone got the Ef-s 18-135 mounted on a 5d4. How easy is it to "pop the cap off" the back of the rear element? Can you put it back if you do?
  3. I've spent probably too long thinking about the same issue, and should probably just get out there and keep filming more with my 5d3. But in case it helps, to summarise where I got to... accepting there are lots of ways to make great videos, if you want 1) reasonable AF in video 2) acceptable sound from the camera or a hot-shoe mounted mic in a quiet environment, and 3) camera/lens stabilisation without a gimbal, etc then the list is fairly small. Even more so if you want 4k, although it doesn't sound like that is an issue for you? As others have said looking at Philip Bloom's tests and others, only really the Sony A6500 or Canon 70/80d autofocus (from your list) give reasonable performance. If you go with Canon and want IS and no autofocus noise then the options are small - 18-55 or 18-135 STM/nano-USM lenses. With the Sony you have the option of IS on a zoom, e.g. 16-70 or 18-105, as well as IBIS with the quieter sony primes e.g. 24/1.8 E, 55/1.8 FE (if you can live with focus breathing on the latter) which will give you more options, all while keeping on-camera sound reasonable. As others have said you could go with a G80/G85, or for more money the OMD EM-1 ii, but neither autofocus nearly as well. Happy to be disagreed with though - always good to learn!
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