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  1. I noticed that FCPX now supports Rec. 2020 projects. What are your thoughts and experiences with using NX1 footage in this color space? Pros / Cons? Here's the link to Apple's recent white paper on FCPX and Rec. 2020 http://images.apple.com/final-cut-pro/docs/Wide_Color_Gamut.pdf
  2. Agreed. With the hack, you get the (35mm equivalent of both 18mm and roughly 32mm) A great combination. Also, when in crop mode, the f2 looks fantastic because you're getting the best part of the center of the lens. There's also a front filter thread for an adjustable ND filter.
  3. John, at what ISO setting are you saying that you got rid of the blocking issues at 140mbps? Thanks.
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