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  1. I'm happy with what I expect the XC10 can offer me, I'll also be bringing along either the Leicas or (more likely) the Df with several lenses for stills. To be honest I'm not hugely impressed with most of what's out there. Also, I can get several months of railroad action and other shooting in before the honeymoon.
  2. Actually more like $700 - no free CFast or card reader...
  3. Thanks! Yes, the thread was an interesting read over a few day period, and was what I needed to decide that on balance the XC line best fit my needs. I'm being realistic about the camera's limitations, and I think I'll be ok. That said, I'll be sure to shoot as much as I can while I'm in B&H's return window just in case! I was only able to tell so much by playing with the camera tethered to a display in the store.
  4. USA, so it wouldn't work for me. I want to buy new so I have a warranty, too. I have an XC10 in my B&H cart, just getting up the nerve to hit "buy."
  5. Not a fan of the GH4 after playing with a friend's, and while the GH5 has amazing specs it's considerably more expensive than either XC once native glass is taken into account.
  6. I'm beginning to think I'll need to go with a XC10 instead of an XC15 for budget issues, and am curious about XLR adapters that will work with the XC10. I see several out there both powered and unpowered. How much capability am I giving up by going with a aftermarket powered XLR adapter jacked into the XC10's 3.5mm compared to the Canon MA-400 jacked into the XC15s audio port? If the XC15 has the potential for noticeably better audio, I'll make the extra cost work out - but it's going to need to be a major improvement in audio.
  7. Well... I currently use a variety of still equipment - mostly Nikon film and digital, Leica M film and digital, Fuji digital, Hasselblad and Mamiya MF and a few others. I'll be using a video camera for several reasons - I still do documentary/features type work for personal enjoyment, shoot railroad action for fun and (this is the main reason I'm doing this now) I'm going on a honeymoon this fall and would like to shoot more than just stills. I haven't been a pro for years, but I still do sell the (very) occasional bit of spot. And I'm planning on taking a few filmmaking and video produ
  8. Thanks - I'm a long time still shooter and former PJ, but am trying to keep the cost down on this, my first "real" video cam.
  9. A few posts in this thread and elsewhere imply the XC15 has improved performance beyond what would be suggested in the (minor) spec changes. Can anyone comment? I've been looking at what's out there, and keep coming back to the XC series. I'm just not sure I'll get enough bang for the buck going with the XC10 vs. the XC15.
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