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  1. I can confirm this problem. I had it on both my NX500 and my NX1, also on my friends NX500. Everytime it happend it has happend during an event. I shot and record events like the one above with the sensor getting damaged. I've also called them - when they still sold the NX1, told me they never heard about it. Said it happend on three different cameras, they didn't care much, sent a mail with images and everything and never got a response. Anyway. I always use AWB on my events, I'm going to Val de Sair next week for a nightclub video shot, will try shooting with fixed WB or another WB mode. This has also happend when I'm just viewing the LCD when taking stills. Worth noting is that I took it for a ride in the winter almost exactly one years ago, shot and filmed a couple of hours during sunny daylight - no problems what so ever. Never had this issue during daytime (almost never shot images or video during the day though). And when my friend was using her NX500 during her school projects which occured during daytime she didn't have any problems either. So I think this has something to do with the lightning at the scene. I've tried to pinpoint what kind of lightning that set this off, and I've been noticing that magenta/pink/strong reds has been involved ALMOST every time. You would think that the one in the lower corner (NX1) should rise the issue in like a second, but it doesn't as you can see. Also, I know like a fraction of video compared to you guys, trying to learn all these cinematic stuff you do here. Just so you know before you bash down on anything xD Also,NX500 is operated by friend, NX1 by me, as you can guess it's stills from video Been thinking about selling off my stuff, actually missed a couple of important photos because of this issue, and the autofocus in low light is a joke for taking photos (had Nikon D4 before this). During daytime it's unbelievably awesome though - so weird I think :P I have everything, battery grip, NX1, NX500, all three S-lenses etc. But when I see what you guys can do with the camera, and how much you appreciate the bitrate hack I always take a step back and think again...
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