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  1. I agree. I'm very happy with the look and sharpness at f2.8. The adapter definitely adds some barrel distortion and field curvature, which is usually ok with me. If I can't use the 45mm or the 35mm f3.5, this adapter will be a huge disappointment. I completely agree. That video was not made by me. It was Zack Wallnau on vimeo. I will shoot this weekend at the proper distances. I mostly wanted to check sharpness, and thought I'd share. Hahaha. That's the director of the video I'm shooting. I'll let him know what the internet thinks of him.
  2. Pentax 645 75mm 2.8/Kipon Baveyes/Sony A7s Last one is Pentax 645 45mm 2.8 Quick test as I just received the adapter today. I had to get the Leica M version and adapt it as I needed it for a shoot and the Sony version was sold out on Adorama. Now I have to return it because the 45mm only focuses to 1 meter. I hope the extra 10mm in the Sony adapter will fix this.
  3. Registered to keep up on this thread, and because I found this: I feel like the MF look shines at 10+ feet from the camera. I just can't image as nice an image on FF with an ultra fast 50mm.
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