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  1. This happens to me on the G85 - it's only with the lexar x1000 128gb card, all other cards work fine but they're not UHS-2 like the lexar.
  2. It was not purely OIS in the previous firmware - it was definitely being stabilised by the body to some degree (not dual IS ofc) as it was much better than on the GH4. It appears they have switched this off with this update - won't matter to most people as its probably only this lens.
  3. I didn't say dual IS. Something has changed since the update that has made it a lot worse stabilisation-wise (only this lens). I had a gh4 before this so I know how the lens handles without in-body stabilistion. Maybe they changed the stabilistion algorithm or something hence the reduction in noise.
  4. Lens is firmware version 1.2 and it was working fine yesterday until I updated the body firmware this morning. Unfortunately can't do a before and after test to show the difference - hopefully someone else can confirm this.
  5. Tested the new firmware with the 100-300mm and the stabilisation options are greyed out now - performs much worse than previously. No way to roll back unfortunately. Much more jittery than before but maybe only with these longer lenses.
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