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  1. Andrew, hi. I want to buy and download the CLog for my 5div , bit i cannot find the guide. I understand it is via usb, that means the tethering cable. I don't even know where i put that, why cannot be done with the sd card? Isn't the same thing?
  2. What you say it doesn't make any sense at all. You personally handled Canon 5ds files... What is that supposed to mean? You shoot with it or you didn't ? I personally handle Canon 5ds files every day, as i own one, and the IQ is awesome, and you can check that at my 500 px page, under the name Adrian Pocea. You are an armchair photographer that just bashes Canon wherever he can. I saw you on dpreview, i saw you here. Same Canon bashing crap. Even by your own logic, if you do give total credit to dxo mark, how can you rate a sensor with a score of 87 as "terrible"? (by the way, Ken Rockwell defined it as the best dslr on the market and i agree with him). But you really hit the bottom with this surrealistic affirmation "Even Canon stated not to expect much more than their old APS-C cameras in the IQ department"... Whattttt???? What is that supposed to mean??? So Canon came out, officially, and stated, listen, guys, don't ever expect better IQ than in our old aps-c cameras, sorry for you, we still recommend that you buy our cameras, but they suck, so , please , spend a lot of money on our cameras although we don't recommend to... This is just too funny, buddy. Get a life and get out there and start shooting
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