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  1. The A6500 settings do indeed provide a better color for the A7S, just finished a small project and even tho there is a difference in color between the S1 and S2 its easy to correct in post. @zuberman - Im getting that same red-to-orange glow in the car's stoplights on my A7S and A7S ii plus some orange-to-lime-green in some instances. Would be nice if we could get rid of those without messing the rest of the color.
  2. Will do, thank you for your help Ben!
  3. I only have the v2 version of the pdf so ill try the gamma to log change. 1 more question tho, in the v2 file it says to use same settings for A7S original and A7S2. The A7S2 looks great (except for some orange to lime-green color changes ive been noticing) but the A7S's colors arent great, its going for a much colder look even if i raise the kelvin really high. Any ideas?
  4. Hello, i just purchased the profile, its v2, but i cant seem to find the settings for the log profile.
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