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  1. thanks for the reply Andrew. I will do some more testing and mail you the results directly. I don't want to put off anybody, I am very satisfied with the results so far, moreover your quest is the right path: getting straight out of camera good and beautifull results to be used without grading or luts in post. and matched results using multi cam. I did a lot of tests already, using a color checker to compare results, but I just don't have the time and experience to go that far under the hood of sonys camera.
  2. it also looks like your color temp is sub optimal also. info on that?! here is one with the eoshd setting. basically ok but the lips are a little too pronounced. the objective is straight out of camera good color and skin. if I spend an hour color grading slog 2 with luts and my color checker I get great results, but I don't have the time to spend that amound of time on every shot I take. That's why I am tweaking and testing and really like the results of the eoshd settings.
  3. are we talking s-log2 or s-gamut. I only see cine gammas in the pdf. I am quite happy with the settings, but as mentioned before: skin tone is good but lip color a little too pronounced. maybe tone it down a little? but what setting.
  4. Hi Andrew, spent yesterday evening testing the eoshd settings on both my A7ii and rx100v and both on photos Raw processed in capture one pro for sony 10 and video. The results are very promising. I focus especially on people and thus skin tones. very good results except the lips! these are too red. I noticed the result is exactly as on the cover photo of your manual, where i first thought the model is wearing lipstic. how do I tone down the color of the lips without affecting the rest of the colors. tried to tone down the color phase to 0 and even -7 but this renders the picture flat. ideas?
  5. pt 3; I presumed the video settings and M photo settings are seperated. But they are not. In order to quickly switch from video M mode to a photo mode I guess you can use a memory preset. P.E. when shooting video in M set to 1/50 A to vary and ISO auto and then quickly switching to photo mode A prioriy - shuttespeed variable - you just swits to M 1 button and start making photo's. When starting to make video again switch back to M mode (just one click). it would be an addition if the movie settings would be seperated from the photo settings - so pushing the record button would use the preset video setting and not the photo setting. that's what I mean.
  6. Hi Andrew, Just got on your bandwagon using the EOSHD settings for my sony A7ii and RX100v. 1. what exposure compensation do you recommend shooting EOSHD style with: over or under exposed? + at what rate (I shoot Slog-2 (+1,7) = 2 stops over and cine style about 1 stop (-0,7) under exposed and correct in post ... 2. you recomend shooting in 4K 100 - but then you lose on the stabilisation (RX100v) - it's my run and gun camera - i want to have access to this cam at all times - use for stills - video and slomo. But it's a trade off; 4K for wider views and cropping in post OK but with more detailed shots I prefer the in camera stabilisation. Also I find that with 4K and adjustingg some settings I will spoil the shot. Any ideas for an optimum shoot? 3. video in M (photo) mode; interesting. I do this all the time but never realized the benefits. Where do I make sure the photo settings (p.e. variable shutter time) can be adjusted but the video settings are fixed (fixed shuttertime - usually 1/50 at 25 fps). I want to work fast -so i have set my delete button to fix the AEL * - so I don't get any changes / adjustments while shooting a clip and when running and gunning... I also Swap manual and auto focus a lot during a shot. The RX100V is real point 'n shoot bridge camera for work shooting: video- photo - slomo - video etc etc. Any ideas for settings using the camera this way? PS the trick I use in M mode is eye photo focus for video - I eye focus, then switch to manual focus and start the video - there is no eye focus in video but this way I can get close. Especially when using wide open... Looking forward to the replies ! greetings from Holland Stefan Flos
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