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  1. Thanks but I have already bought another kit, still searching for a 16mm f2.8 though!
  2. If someone have any of the items above let me now please! Best regards Olle from Sweden.
  3. Anyone that wanna upload some proper exposed (+2) slog footage? from the a6300/a6500 would be perfect! regards Olle
  4. Hi, there I recently bought a new computer so now I´m finally able to start using Davinci Resolve. I have watched a ton off tutorials online so I have a okay knowledge off how to use the program.One thing that´s not mentioned online that much is how to proper work with color (colorspaces, LUTs/Emulations etc) So now I would appreciate some advice about just that. I shoot Raw with Magic Lantern so the files in Resolve are CinemaDNGs 1080p. My ML Raw footage comes out with very little dinamic range but maybe that´s how ML Raw is acting. Examples: Now I want to find
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