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  1. This is what happens when I turn the gimbal on. The same exact thing happened to both the first and second set that I purchased. I have a windows 10 and my computer does not recognize the gimbal, app keeps crashing. I may have the worst luck here. Gimbal Issue.MP4
  2. Thanka for reaponding. I will try and post a video. Right now in my case, if I turn on the gimbal pan axis keeps spinning.
  3. Hello all, I purchased Crane two weeks ago in US and have had same issues with 2 models. I am balancing Panny G7. Out of the box and after balancing, everything seems fine, but as soon as I put the gimbal in inverse mode, the pan axis keeps spinning. I've done the 30 second initialization and nothing happens. I have emiled their customer support but was curious if anyone here had the same issue. Thanks
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