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  1. So I had a shoot today and I decided to use the EOSHD Pro Color settings with my a7s (original) to get the look mainly in camera. I'm quite pleased with how the image turned out. My settings are the a6500 settings but the color phase is set at 0. The white balance was set at 2600k for both shots. I do think that the saturation was a bit much in the reds so I may decide to decrease my overall saturation in the camera. Overall, I'm really happy with how the profile performed for me today. I didn't quite nail the exposure I wanted on the 2nd image but I'm really liking how the colors turned out.
  2. Thanks so much, Eric! The only adjustment I made was that I set the color phase at 0 in camera with the a6500 settings. In post, all I did was stabilize some clips since I was using an old FD 50/1.4. I thought about bringing the saturation down a tad but I figured that since it was such an overcast day I would leave it be as it may add a cool look. Also, I was using the standard "daylight" white balance
  3. I filmed this video with the a7s (original) with the EOSHD V2 a6500 color settings.
  4. phase at 0 and 6600k is looking pretty good to my eyes!
  5. There's definitely a big difference/improvement in the mkii from the a7s. Sony added a new color gamut which, I believe, is supposed to be more accurate with colors and better in general. I'm assuming these settings definitely perform better from the get-go in the a7sii, but we've got to alter them a bit for the original a7s.
  6. Pro is definitely one of the color modes I'll be testing! From my short testing, it seems that Pro retains a lot of the saturation and richness while providing way more accurate colors
  7. So I bought the EOSHD Pro color settings a few days ago and after inputting them to my a7s (original, not mkii) I was unhappily surprised by a big color shift in some shades like the images I'll post below. I've been messing with the settings a bit and I think it comes down to the color mode. For the original a7s, s-gamut is not giving me accurate colors at all. I think a better option would be to use one of the other color modes. I'll be doing more tests in the next few days, but right now I highly recommend not using s-gamut for the original a7s! I love the punchiness, saturation and contrast of the EOSHD Pro Color settings so I'm really hoping to find a work around for my camera!
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