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  1. Cool! thanks for the help. will try it out and report back! But if I am lazy did anyone find the perfect settings for A6300 and A7sii profile match?
  2. I can't seem to find the answer anywhere about this use case. I am using a 18-35mm Sigma F1.8 apsc lens adapted to Commlite smart adapter with my a7sii. 1. When I am shooting in APSC (Crop) mode, is the camera smart enough to read the Sigma focal length distance from smart adapter to determine suitable image stabilization settings? 2. If i have to use manual focal distance settings (In CROP MODE), do I just select 18-35mm? or do I need to put in the apsc focal length equivalent 27-51mm? 3. I am unsure if I am using a FF lens at 135mm with manual IS focal length set at 135mm, if I go into crop mode do I need to adjust the focal length to 202.5mm? I suck at math and hopefully camera is smart enough to do it for me lol! Thanks for your insight and help! Mark
  3. The EOSHD setting for my A7Sii and A6300 is different and I did the update as per the PDF doc. I am using the Canon straight out of camera profile and i see that the color between A6300 and A7sii output is different. Is there any setting changes that can bring both camera to look similar so that it is easier to do post work?
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